i nothing can escape, not even light. so

i think we all have at least a basic idea of what a black hole is,
right? basically just a giant, black hole sitting around in space,
sucking up planets and stars. but theres just one problem. black holes
arent actually holes, in fact, theyre pretty much the opposite.theyre
really massive, dense SPHERES with gravity so strong nothing can escape, not even light. so
that makes them pretty hard to find.but we can get an idea of where
they are when we see a bunch of swirling mass circling seemingly
nothing. they can be found pretty much anywhere, but are almost always
found in the centers of galaxies.for example, this is saggitarius A, our
milky ways very own supermassive black hole. they are formed if a star
at least 20 times the mass of our sun which is 2 no-nillion kg, by the
way runs out of fuel, the matter collapses in on itself, and the star
turns into a black hole. planets orbiting the star BEFORE it turns into a
black hole dont change their motion, just going around and around and
around, but then the star turns into a black hole and changes the
planets’ motion, which uses an unbalanced force, therefore showing
newtons 1st law; and when they do start going into the “hole” they
accelerate in the direction of the force, also showing newton’s 2nd law.
continuing on, what black holes basically do is suck up planets, stars,
nebula, etc.. as for the unusual phenomena, if i named them all, id be
up here for hours on end, and i see no point in that. first of all,
their gravity is so strong that oce you pass the event horizon, nothing can escape, not even light, and
it distorts time, space, and the orbits of nearby stars and nebula. now
i have a little bit more about the event horizon. when you go into a
black hole, whichever side of you is closest to the singularity,
usually your feet will get stretched out faster than the rest of your
body, and you will eventually turn into a miles-long version of yourself
and split up and die before you even rech the singularity. last but not
leats, even though black holes usually suck things in, occasionally
spit things out, showing newtons 3rd law


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