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I am a Kyrgyz teenager who aspires to help as much people as possible and leave a positive impact on the world we live in. The reasom behind my will of studying abroad is that I want to expand my knowledge and learn more about different cultures. I have always been steadfast in my pursuit of of advancing my knowledge in order to achieve my goals. I look forward to being exposed to new ideas and new ways of thinking , so that I can achieve my dream whilst being in a better position to make a positive contribution in the future. I fully to continue to develop as an individual, academically and emotionally . I can’t imagine many better places to do it than in Europe, Hungary.During my high school years, I dedicated my hours to creating and spearheading projects help build my community as well as highlight equal rights andopeness to new perspectives. I’m a hardworking-dedicated student, who focuses on my studies and embraces challenges and regards them as a leader. I have always known as a leader, and that’s why I was captain of varsity volleyball team for two years, and elected president of my class. My interest lays in studying Communication and media science , which will led me to build a better community In the 7th grade, when I was 13 year old, I was enrolled in boarding school, a place where I not only mantained my high academic standarts, I also matured and developed independence. I have been a part of my school’s Model UN and debate teamfor a good part of three years. ??? ??????? in me to know the problems that our world is facing and to take an action to fight I am absolutely fascinated by renessance culture and old style novels. Next year, I plan to get more involved in university activities. I am interested in joining the student government club and international students centre helper.I love volunteering and have worked in Kara-Balta and Naryn with 


I'm Harold!

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