I met her when she was a freshman,

I have put in place an efficient, easy-to-use online structure to bring the college notices and news, right to the user’s palms in real time.The 2 major features are:1.    BPDC News Feed (BPDFeed)2.    Notice board – Online platform for noticesCampusXPThis is Paridhi, I met her when she was a freshman, my sophomore year. She loves music and art, there’s probably no instrument that she can’t play. She came to me distraught one day, having missed the Spic Macay she really wanted to attend. This was just ONE of the several talks/events that she missed due to lack of information. She is way too cool to be missing out on things!Meet Zaid, My brother from another mother. All round wholesome person currently studying in IIM Bangalore. He is the one who taught me iOS development. He is insanely smart and talented, and hates to waste his time searching through multiple Facebook groups and posts to find relevant college related information such as test announcements, workshops and the likes. He’s too busy being awesome.Finally, this is me! I love getting involved in several activities, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all my events, assignments, test components, classes, and my attendance. I enjoy designing and creating things that, in some way, improve the standard of living. With CampusXP I sought to change a few things that were an inconvenience for me and my peers.I spoke to other students and faculty, and the problems persisted. That’s how CampusXP came into being. With CampusXP, I aim at simplifying the students’ life by enabling them with their college-essential needs in one application. Students can do everything! From configuring their timetable and attendance, to tracking their tests and assignments, to viewing notices and important college related news right on their smartphones.?CampusXP aims at making the life of students simpler, smarter and more e?cient.THE ISSUE AND INSPIRATIONBITS Dubai aims at all round development of an individual, for this purpose we organised a variety of technical and cultural events, seminars, and talks on several eclectic topics ranging from entrepreneurship, sports, academics, etc. Also, our university has about 5-6 test components per subject as well as additional assignments to stimulate learning throughout the semester while teaching the students to handle pressure effectively.?There are quite a lot of channels putting out information, be it physical notice boards, or the multiple Facebook pages/groups, mails published by the university, etc. This makes keeping up with all the events an overwhelming task which is not only inefficient, but also time consuming.?Having experienced first-hand the trouble of missing out on important events, I spoke to several friends and fellow college goers to gain valuable insight on what their problems were. This helped me channelize my urge to improve the BITS experienceMY AIM AS THE DESIGNERCampusXP is designed keeping my peers in mind; And hence, I consider it my responsibility to provide the best possible experience for my fellow BITSians, after all a good design derives pleasure for the user while making their lives a little better. Considering all of this, these are the targets CampusXP aims to achieveEasy to UseAims to provide a simple yet highly efficient user interface.Responsive user interface elements which focus on content and provide a delightful experience with beautiful animations and carefully chosen colors and aesthetic.All Student related information is stored only on the students own device and hence no possibility of leaked data.FEATURES OF CampusXPIntuitive UXSecureTOOLS IMPLEMENTEDXcode 7.2  – This is a standard iOS development platform designed by Apple. It gave me a compiler and debugger, a smart IDE, and a storyboard based drag and drop application design utility.?Programing languages –?Swift 2.0, designed by apple as an alternative to C. Swift is inspired from Ruby, R, Java, and Python. It is Protocol-Oriented.PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor), helped me fetch content from MySQL database and display it on an HTML webpage. Mainly used to design apps and websites that rely on several data sources to display dynamic content. ?MySQL –  a RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) used mainly for server-client platforms. phpMyAdmin, a Graphical user interface used to visualize database creation and manipulation. Adobe Illustrator for designing high resolution scalable icons.TIME TABLECOMPONENT MANAGERONLINE FEATURESSUBJECT MANAGERATTENDANCE ADVISORTEST MANAGER + ASSIGNMENT MANAGERSTART UPTo sync with our notice server, a first time user is required to login with their college ID. This will help in determining the year and the major of the student, so that customised notices pertaining to their specific year and discipline are displayed.The ID number provided by the student is stored locally on the user’s phone, ensuring no other user data is visible to other application users. Upon login, the user is directed to the central User Interface of the app See screenshots. The most frequently used section of the app is the timetable section and hence it appears as the default page upon startup. To navigate to the various sections of the app, the user can tap on the top left corner to access the menu. There is also an alert feature, that lets the user see the evaluation modules within the upcoming 15 days.To add a subject the user can click on the + icon on the top right, this opens up the ‘Add Subject’ view.?A lecture is added to the student’s timetable immediately after the student taps the ‘Add Lecture’ icon. The Student can then view this change in the day view as well as the week view.?The day view displays a detailed view of the student’s timetable for that day, whereas the week view displays the student’s timetable for the week with comparatively lesser details.This allows the student to keep track of their attendance in a subject. A student can select a subject from the list of added subjects and set up the attendance for it by entering the total number of classes. After this set up, the student can track themselves by swiping a class in the day view and selecting either ‘Attended’ or ‘Didn’t Attend’.A user has the choice to turn on/off the notifications for a particular subject. In the day view the student can view additional details of a subject by tapping on it. One major feature that the users absolutely loved is the attendance tracker which tells you how many classes one needs to attend to meet the requirement.The assignment and test managers are designed for the student to keep track of their evaluation components along with reminders for the same. A component or an assignment can be added by tapping the ‘+’ icon, this can be done my manually typing in the details or fetching them from the existing subject list. The same screen lets a user enter the start and end time. A component or assignement can be deleted upon completion (or just deleted) by swiping left and selecting one of the two options.NOTICE BOARDNEWSFEEDCampusXP implements MySQL and PHP to connect to an online database which can be accessed from all over the globe. This is the logical execution of the framework ?The user sees the visual XML layer supported by the Swift-based programming layer (put in place to implement the application logic) CampusXP uses PHP to connect to a MySQL based server-side data. (something that the users don’t have to bother with)MySQL(SERVER-SIDE DATA)PHP(SERVER-SIDE LOGIC)Swift(APP LOGIC)XML(APP DESIGN)SERVERUSERThe notice board brings notices from an online server customized through the user’s college ID. Receiving notices relevant only to the user’s major as well as notices common to all.This feature supports formats such as .xlsx, .ppt, .docx, .pdf and several other extensively used formats. A share button helps a user to upload a notice on their social networks.BPDFeed brings to the students, information regarding the latest happenings in the university. It is a one shop stop for students to keep track of all the events from all the departments and clubs. I have also added a feature that allows a user to give their feedback on if they are interested or not interested in attending the event. As an organiser myself, this will enlightened my fellow organisers to approximate the footfall and ultimately decide our marketing and organisation strategies.PERFORMANCE ANALYSISOn average, CampusXP utilises 16-30 MB of RAM and around 25-30 MB of storage after being in use for 3 months.WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD?Although I have tackled many immediate problems with CampusXP, it is not entirely perfect. CampusXP intends to contribute a lot more to the students to make their Campus Experience a little more simpler, smarter and more efficient.These are the features I think we could add:?BITS Mail integration, this will eradicate the need to use a separate email application.Faculty correspondence, This will enable the faculty to connect with students (customised by the students’ Major, year, and subject) most of the times the faculty has no means to communicate a last minute announcement to majority of the class, this will eliminate the communication barrier between students and faculty.Question Papers, this feature aims to provide previous years’ question papers from the library server, giving the user the flexibility to surf, share, and save them on their device.?This was beta version of CampusXP! The user satisfaction, and the knowledge that I somehow contributed to a smarted college experience, is what keeps me going.


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