I is no denying it. I think that

I have always been a dreamer, and there is no denying it. I think
that is one of the reasons I love management because I can see a vision for the
future, in business and in life. When it comes to business, I believe it is one
of the most important things you need. It’s about making sure that your
business and brand keep moving forward, about visualizing what the future could
be, and making it happen. The same as in life, dreaming and doing.

I grew up in a
business family, and the entrepreneurial focus of our upbringing had a lasting
impact on my brother and me. But growing up in an entrepreneurial home
benefited me in more ways than merely sparking my passion for business at a
young age — although it certainly did that as well. I gained invaluable
real-world business experience long before many of my peers began their path to
entrepreneurship. From organizing Model United Nations conferences on a
national level to managing and leading my school events, all this spurred my
entrepreneurial abilities. My interest in this particular field led me to
establish my own startup dealing with selling kites on internet in my city. The
kite industry in India is unorganized and selling kites via internet is a
pretty novel concept providing great convenience to the consumer and a boost to
the manufacturing cluster.

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I’m pursuing the
BBA program at Ross school of Business because it will provide me with the
foundation to develop skills to take my entrepreneurial ventures to a next
level, provide me with a global mindset, and most importantly help me become
the kind of dynamic leader who can be at the forefront in any industry that I
wish to desire. The MERGE curriculum at Ross would provide me the opportunity
to get different perspectives about organizations and their working, enrich and
strengthen my business education and help me learn tools and techniques to make
a real difference and bring about solutions to problems by looking them from
all possible dimensions. I am very appealed by the distinguished faculty at
Ross and hope to enroll in classes taught by Professor Shirli Kopelman to
develop skills such as negotiations and gain a deeper understanding about the
different aspects of emotions in negotiation as written in her book
‘Negotiating genuinely: Being yourself in Business.’ I also hope to enroll in
one of the classes taught by Professor John Branch to gain a perspective about
marketing and international business.

Having participated
in various Model United Nations conferences as an executive board member, I am
especially excited about being a part of the BBA council. I also look forward
to being a part of Phi Chi Theta to develop a large network among U-Mich
students and organize events and workshops for the betterment of all.  

Finally, the
advising resources and recruitment opportunities offered to BBA majors strongly
attract me. Guidance from the Ross office of Career Development and the
University’s career centre would help me in achieving my future goals.

With its well
established curriculum, fantastic campus and emphasis on applying theory to
practice, the University of Michigan’s Ross school of business is the perfect
place to continue my education and shape my future.



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