I could instead of spending or investing it

I forgot my account login so im just doing this part just from memory. The stocks I can remember were Apple, Nike, MAC, Home Depo, and also I bought H&M. My stocks did really well and got me some good cash. On some of my stocks i got 3-5 shares and on others I got up to 14-20 shares, it just depended on how well the company does and how much the shares cost. Honestly I didn’t have a method when doing the stock market game, I didn’t know what to do so I just started buying some stocks. I thought since it was getting close to Christmas and that Black Friday would be happening what stores would a lot of people most likely be going to and what stores would have sales so people would go to them and spend money. I just bought a lot of stocks and went from 3-8 shares for some and others I got 15-20 shares.During the time you owned the stocks what did you observe? During the time I used the stock market I noticed that money was never constant(?) some days I would make money some days I would lose some money. Also I saw that when you put your money in a stock you just risk all and you never know you’re gonna make money or if  it’s gonna make you any money at all. I  probably wouldn’t change anything because my method got me first place *hairflip* Naw Im playing. I would change the way i bought my stocks because on some i would buy 3-5 shares instead i would buy more. Also I would not buy the same type of stocks like I would buy something like Nike then also buy something like Adidas, instead I would do something like maybe buy a good stock for shoes then a good stock for technology or maybe even furniture. Purchasing stocks is not the only way you save for retirement, you could instead of spending or investing it you could just save it up, keep it in a bank. You should always save your money before you invest it, if you don’t have money you won’t be able to invest anything.   You could invest some of your money into different types/ alternative investment deals. Or you could just save it up, don’t just go throw your money into a stock, bond or whatever because there isn’t a guarantee that you will get all of your money back and also make a profit off of your investment. In this stock market game I played I learned that no matter how good a business is or how good they are doing at a certain time, if you put your money into a stock there is no guarantee that you with get your money back. Also I learned that it cost too much money just to throw an investment around, you should look into it, study it, learn about it before you make your final decision on putting your money into the stock. I also learned that if you don’t have the money to invest, just to save up because no matter if you think you’ll make money off of it the risk is just sometime way too big to do it. Start small and work your way up don’t bite off more than you can chew in a sense. If you go all out on your first stock investment you have no experience you have no clue what you’re doing and have a higher chance of risking it all.


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