I and that power can only be controlled

I am glad to introduce myself as
Simarpal singh from Punjab,India.

Well, Education is most powerful weapon
which we can use to change
the world’s benefits of education and endless. The personal satisfaction
and feeling of accomplishment upon receiving a university degree is one that
cannot easily be topped. Receiving quality education was one and only reason
that pushed me from India to Canada. So, literally I come here to nourish my
skills and abilities by receiving wealthy education from University of Regina.
Coming out here from comfortable and luxurious living was because I want to
prepare myself for my coming future. Every individual has his/her objectives
in life. We may all have taken same course, living in a similar city yet we may
live it distinctively in light of the fact that we as a whole have diverse
encounters of surrendering or stopping in life, meeting with arbitrary
individuals around the globe etc. So, why I am here is to investigate and find
myself, rather than squandering my opportunity to demonstrate any other person
what my skills, abilities and enthusiasm is. I am here to be more capable and
independent in my life.

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Moreover, Canada is one of the best
place to study with more opportunities and opened an extraordinary assortment
of chances other than any nation. Canadian education system is flexible and I can
learn and explore myself. I found Canada best study destination abroad because
of excellence education and high standard of living. It will bring wide
opportunities for my further career. Furthermore, Canada is stable nation with
multicultural population of student. Student have to access to excellent
education system recognised worldwide. Everyday, I meet number of different
people from various regions. In addition, I believe that success of every human
is based on the power of his/her mind and that power can only be controlled by
education. My only objective behind studying in University of Regina is to achieve
best knowledge into field of my interest (business administration).From high
school to university my field is business administration and I got best grades
till now. Along with my studies, I want to help my father in his business while
helping my father , I failed a lot of times which made striked in my mind and I
was eager to take business administration.  So, I want to continue my study in same field
to be successful and get more knowledge and skills to groom myself. I am
sympathetic and obliging student who will never step back to help someone in
need. It will be a wonderful experience for me. Moving further, I am a diligent
person and I hope as I did in past and made my mother proud, I will similarly
follow the same path further. The main motive of my life is to handle and
enhace my father’s business and make him proud by implementing the skills which
I will gain after completing this degree. I am hoping for the bright furture
which I can get by putting extra ordinary efforts to learn and master this


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