Hybrid friendly.” Conserve Energy Future. (2018). Advantages and

Hybrid Cars were first invented in
the early 19th century, (2018, What is the history of hybrid cars,
HowStuffWorks, Date Accessed 9th January 2018) these vehicles have
advanced through the use of technology; this has caused the features of the
Hybrid Car to be enhanced by a great margin and resulted in many benefits for
the economy, environment and the community. Hybrid Cars are
sustainable sources of transport, which reduce the negative emissions polluting
the environment compared to Regular Cars. Education.seattlepi.com. (2018). The
Difference Between Gas and Hybrid Vehicles, Accessed 10 Jan. 2018. The benefit of investing time into this research is to indicate
productivity of Hybrid cars compared to Regular Cars, which emit greater
percentage of greenhouse gases to the environment; this results in more damage
and pollution in the world. This then limits the growth of the economy as
financial resources wasted in tackling the same issue while resources could be
used in other areas. In addition, Hybrid Cars can be powered by petrol or
diesel engine with an electric motor, which creates many more advantages for
the environment in terms of helping the growth of the economy. GreenCarGuide.co.uk. (2018). Benefits
of Petrol & Diesel Electric Hybrid Cars. Online Accessed 10 Jan. 2018. This is because Hybrid vehicles reduce the amount of fuel consumption
required and maximises the effectiveness of the car performance. For Example,
Toyota Hybrid Cars allows consumers to save large amount of money over long
period of driving. Toyota UK. (2018). Toyota Hybrid Cars – Comparing Hybrid to Petrol,
Accessed 10 Jan. 2018. All these points highlight that hybrid cars are
sustainable because they are able to continue working at high level. This
research will also explain that the level of technology has improved
drastically that these vehicles are becoming more affordable to more people
because it is becoming more accessible. Moreover, this change has provided the
components and manufacturing of the product to become more conventional and
accessible to a greater target market. Parkers.co.uk. (2018). Should I buy a
hybrid car? | Accessed 10 Jan. 2018. 
Moreover, this information is supported because “Many cities are
changing their public transportation over to hybrid cars and buses to become
more environmentally friendly.” Conserve Energy Future. (2018). Advantages
and Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars – Conserve Energy Future.  Accessed 10 Jan. 2018. Overall Hybrid Cars provide better economic and social gain for the
environment because there are many advantages, which will help, benefit a
greater audience as it is easy drive because most Hybrid Cars are automatic
which will allow a greater age group to have the ability to drive the car.
Therefore, this allows Hybrid Cars to have a better impact on the environment
as a reduce amount of negative emissions will be released in the air. “A hybrid car produces 25 to 35% less
in CO2 emissions than regular cars, because it is has a second electric,
battery powered engine” Preventclimatechange.co.uk. (2018). Hybrid Vehicles-Advantages and
Disadvantages. Online Available at:
http://www.preventclimatechange.co.uk/hybrid-vehicles.html Accessed 12 Jan.
2018. Through the research that has been conducted in explaining the
advantages of Hybrid Cars and its impact to the environment. Several sources
have agreed with these statements. Yet, there are some disadvantages with
Hybrid Cars, which have still kept people from purchasing them. For example, the
batteries in Hybrid Cars can have effect on the weight of the car, which can
reduce the performance level of the car. Furthermore, Hybrid cars are not best
equipped to deal with the winter because there are less productive which causes
the batteries to discharge in those types of conditions. Autobytel.com.
(2018). 5 Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars. Accessed 12 Jan. 2018. Therefore, there
are great advantages and some disadvantages in this project.


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