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HUMAN COMPUTER INTERACTIONTitle: Food and activity tracker (mobile application, smartwatch)Description: We are going to ‘develop’ sustainable system by using automatic data recorded via mobile phone and smartwatch and data being input by the user in order to create balance in activities, diary(with special accent on liquid) and sleeping time which will and can provide healthy lifestyle. Application will also be capable of if permitted to get data from Facebook and Instagram in order to alert user about some health concerns or to suggest health based posts to be seen. It will mostly report on week basis but it can be set up just the way user wants. We will rely on people’s natural need of completing the tasks, the custom created mainly by modern educational system, in order to make them to very easily and unconsciously develop their healthy lifestyle. There are many applications trying of doing it but none of them has united and made it very interactive and easy to understand and maintain in order to be available to wide range of users with different demands of maintaining their diary.Name of Team: HealthNOWMembers of Team: Ivana DUKOVSKAElmir ŠUT1. Understanding the problemNowadays we are experiencing a globalization that is making human beings very distinct in lifestyle and health habits as a consequence of very sudden trends occurring all over the world. People now are not having enough time to take care of what they do or eat in order to maintain their lifestyle according to natural needs. Still even with all technology we produce we have not found a sustainable system that guarantees that we will give to our body and soul everything it needs in order to function properly. Today there are many different kind of software that are used for similar purpose as we have described but the main problem they are neither specific nor ordinary. We need something that can be customized in order to completely fulfil needs of all kind of need one needs in diet and body activities. Our interface is a perfect way of interactive and fun way of how to make people care more about their health and also to present it to others in order to make them choose same path to healthy and long life. Interface will also provide extra rewards if one is keeping everything up to date and fulfilling all tasks ordered by application. It will also provide personal tasks like medicine prescriptions and visits to doctor. Nowadays when time is money and people have everything but time and health it is crucial that we offer a sustainable system that will save at least this part of human lives and provide them extra time with their beloved ones.Our goal is to understand users and their needs, focus on who they are not what they should be. A great product experience starts with a good understanding of your users. Not only do you want to know who they are, but you want to dive deeper into their motivations, fears, mentality, and behavior. Let customers decide the path of your product, the insights you gain can help circumvent time-consuming decision-making processes and politics. When you hit a roadblock due to conflicting views, user analysis lets you move in the right direction based on inarguable facts. We’ve summarized some characteristic of the users of the system:1. People who want to change their lifestyle/lose weight(from junk food to healthy) They’re patient, they take it seriously, they get support, they know that small changes lead to big things, encouraged to carry on, and to make more changes to multiply the gains.2. People who are involved in sports They are physically active, make healthier lifestyle choices and have ideal weight. They have prevention-oriented mindset when it comes to their health. These people don’t just react to illness or disability, they take an active role in maintaining wellness. The strategies are numerous, from nutrition and exercise, to proven medical screening tests and therapies, but the outcome is the same–these people tend to live longer and healthier. They have a strong social network, such as family and close friends that they associate with. They are driven by competition3. People who are diabeticsNormally active (not lying down, for example, as an inpatient in a hospital), they are not taking medicines that could affect the blood glucose.The morning of the test, they don’t not smoke or drink coffee. They have low blood sugar. Sometime they have dizziness,confusion,weakness, and tremors. Our application could make great deal because of its way to remind people what they should eat or whether it is time to take insulin.TasksIn order to successfully use our application some conditions must be met. User firstly has to make a profile using his email address and setting up his personal password and username. Email must be confirmed through confirmation process and age condition also must be met. In order to have everything working properly user must also set up application on his smartphone and allow synchronization. Private information about date of birth and all other specific data but gender are not compulsory. In this task internet connection must be provided.User also needs to choose which parts of application suit him and what services he or she wants to use. General task that every user must do is to put more personal data in order to give application crucial data to make perfect personal plan for next week. This is not compulsory but allows application to offer best service. User needs to input age, height, weight, heart rate (could be done by phone or any other device). After this user needs to choose some goals. For example one wants to gain weight and application will automatically suggest activities and food that improve weight and mass gain. Same thing happens if opposite chosen.Pairing smartwatch is not something that app cannot work without but it allows app to track heart rate, sleep rate and all activities almost constantly. It makes this app completely versatile and makes it almost perfect for perfect and healthy lifestyle management. It is perfect for people taking insulin because it can remind them almost instantly when they should take their daily dose and when.Task environmentEverything user must know about are modern technologies and mobile and desktop interfaces that are very common and natural to almost anyone nowdays. Desktop pc, smartphone and smartwatches are environments that user of our application will be experiencing. App does not require any extra knowledge because everzthing is automated and will instantly update itself based on data we are giving. Facebook and Instagram will take huge role also in a way to stimulate user to more reguraly fill up all data and also to share it with his friends. Application will also take some info from Facebook in order to make input data easier to user and more pleasurable.make profileinput personal dataselect options you needsynchronize all deviceslog in all devicesBefore we start turning our idea into the real application, we had to answer a bunch of important questions. Coming up with a unique app idea, no matter what goals you want to achieve with it, simply isn’t enough anymore – the app market is simply too competitive. You need to know the current offering on the market. We did some research and we saw that at the market there are similar apps like the one we have. We did a list of strong points and deficiencies, to avoid competitors’ mistakes, double up on the strategies that work, and clearly define your unique take on the problem and the path to solving it. There are millions of available mobile apps, and this is our opportunity to ensure that ours stands out. There are many pros and cons of having similar apps in the same market.PROS: Having the similar apps, before your start your own sometimes it’s a good thing. You will research them and use that knowledge to find a gap your app will fill and serve a fresh, complete solution to the problem you’re solving. Also you can see how people/users reacted to their app and what their opinion is. You always can get in the touch with the designers of the other similar apps and hear them out and the troubles they had (if they are open for communication), so in that way we can avoid them.CONS: The ones having same app as yours are clearly the competition. The thing that happened is that their app can be better and more represented. They can win more users over and if they have better performances and more new includes. It is getting harder to stand out if there is many similar, and the investment is large.Application will use very simple and useful design to fulfil basic needs. The interface actions and elements should be consistent and system must be customizable to meet specific user needs. System must be easy to learn and operate. Screen must be very colorful and appeling. Interface elements should be easy to understand. System will provide also interface to disadvantaged people according to their needs. In order to test whether our design we will try to test it on wide range of people who are different in age and education. Their reviews will be crucial to any future updates. Interviews will play huge role in how we should create effective way how to implement all desirable options we want to provide to final user. Simplicity is key in all our implementation which is crucial in saving time and money to everyone. We will focus more on data analyses to present best schedule to all our users of what they need to implement in their lives. Desktop version will provide more profile settings and more options that will less likely affect general need of average user. Colors must be also distinct in order to provide best experience to people having color blindness. Sound effects will play huge role all together with vibration effect in order to remind users of their future steps.In our day-to day life, drinking water regularly, balance in activities, and sleeping time can be challenging, despite its numerous health benefits. Our app makes it easier to stay hydrated, healthy. It may even help you lose weight and prevent certain illnesses. Simply tell the app a bit about yourself (gender, age, weight, exercise schedule) and it will help you set a daily target for hydration, balance at activities. It will even monitor how hydrated your body is at any given moment, keep track of the last time you had a drink of water, how many steps you made daily and tell you when you are due to drink again and. This all-in-one app tracker allows you to easily and efficiently keep track of how you’re doing in terms of meeting your recommended daily water intake and movement. It makes it nearly impossible to forgetDesign AlternativesPeople aimed to be using our application are all range. Reason for that is that application can be set exactly to fit every need one has. For example it can be simply used as a tool or a remainder to some health tips or in other way as a serious medical tool which will provide you efficient way of following all constraints you have and what you need to be working in order to maintain prescriptions you got from any medical institution or just some tips you got from your fitness coach al you found them all by your own. The main reason people need this application at very high level is that in our nature we tend to forget and we are usually heedless. Elmir 100%; Ivana 0%Key requirements from our system are that people are aware of how important is this way of organizing your general life and your body in the way it should be organized and that if they do not take care of their body and soul no one surely else will. So this app will be based entirely to give people what they always needed but they were not realizing it. So without you taking care of all processes your body must pass through due to natural events and also considering what ignorance or not knowing enough about our organism can do. We want this app to become your best true friend. Only thing user will need is their smartphone which is not a problem considering a fact that only in Western Europe, which is also our targeted marketed, 258 million people use smartphones. Elmir 0%; Ivana 100%Design spaceMeasurements that will be done in order to create perfect interface that everybody will be very hard to maintain because it requires user to regularly fill data needed. People associate many thing with colors so they will be used accordingly in order to suggest to the user how to improve personal rating. Another thing is that people in beginning will need to spend more time in order to get used to application and to fill up all necessary data to begin with. Articles about health will not be so present in order to prevent people spending so much time on their smartphones but more investing in their body and mind. App will also ask for permission to track time spent on reading news and being on Facebook and other similar applications. Easiest task to support is to present data measured like how much one was running this week or how much their heart rate was oscillating because data is there and can be tracked all the time (if smartwatch connected), but the harder deal is to force user to input data on his own which will eventually pay off to him through better health and life in general. Elmir 80%; Ivana 20%Design SummaryThere are many alternatives which could substitute our system but until now none of them was successful to make people actually start to enjoy fulfilling tasks. One of alternatives was just to make application to track physical activities without making user fill anything, neither to be obliged to check his progress but at this sort of approaching the problem it has proven on apps that are still available online that it just does not work that way, people just do not care so this was completely out of our design in final version but it was considered as possible alternative. One other alternative was just to use our application as sort of reminder which will of course remind user of their possible task they planned to do about their health because many people forget whether they have taken daily dose or when they need to take it. This is partially implemented in our final version but it is far away of what primary goal of our application should be. So in final version we are going to include many well-known platforms but our will be distinct because it will be versatile and offer wide range of services so everyone will adapt it just the way they need it. People really need this kind of tutor because many changes that can occur in out body due to ignorance and negligence are irreversible unfortunately, but we give hope and strength that this will not be the case anymore if we learn how to live in harmony with nature and our bodies. Elmir 50%; Ivana 50%Basic designThis part of our application is for those who just want to get the taste of what it feels to track all sort of stuff connected to fitness and diet. Design will provide all basic services that also could be possibly found on all different applications but not having back system which will evaluate information and make future plans. Elmir 0%; Ivana 100%HealthNOW(Illustration of how App should look like in the beginning)Users can easily access their application services through very simple interface which they will intuitively recognize and naturally get used to this kind of information presentation. Interface is for basic user who is not having any special demands or settings who is just getting natural with digital tracking and inputting personal health data in order to be processed and to have given feedback of what future steps should be. First icon is there to see tasks needed to be done in future. Second icon is to select fitness plan. Third is there to input some simple prescriptions just in order to bereminded of when and what medicine or supplement should be taken. Fourth is to read concerns after data analyzed and to find some health articles Disadvantages of this implementation and design is that user will not eventually have opportunity to feel full power of premium services which to have you need to choose more detailed plan and to poses a smartwatch which will ease the work of app and save your money. Advantages are that user will start to feel good impact on his personal life and will constantly be wanting to upgrade himself. More than two thirds of services will be available to this type of users which is quite good but will always suggest them to use as much as possible resources. Disadvantage in the beginning will be that it will be just available to android users and mostly adapted to phones having sensors to support app demands. Elmir 100%; Ivana 0%Chart above shows in what range kids and teenagers are obese and as we know they are the most devoted users of smart devices which will be used in our app to deal with such problems. Elmir 20%; Ivana 80%Many things that have been planned to be in our application are now out due some technical constraints we need to fulfill and also due to some privacy concerns and safety issued because we do care a lot of about future user and their private information. We wanted to implement food recognition so user does not need to input all data but due to progress of modern technology it is possible to implement it but is very hard and it is expensive so it is dropped out as a possible feature. Another thing was to implement schedule of working hours so application could detect breaks and possibly suggest what could be good to do at the moment due to health concerns but still it would not be able because many people have strict routine on their works so it will be omitted. One thing that is added that disadvantaged people will have option to choose options according their necessities and constraints. Elmir 50%; Ivana 50%Prototype and Evaluation HealthNow is Holy Grail in fitness and health market because it will make you love yourself and your body and through that love you will improve your life habits and help to yourself and people around you. HealthNow will provide efficient fitness and health tracking with analysis of data in order to offer best plan and best advices for the future and also to present statistics. User can be anyone interested in making his life better and healthier. Elmir 10%; Ivana 90% System requires smartphone and access to computer. For advantaged services user must also synchronize his personal smartwatch with HealthNow application. Basic knowledge about medicine and technology is compulsory. System will do all necessary analyses of data in order to make best service to user and provide genuine data which will allow user to have better decisions about health and fitness including food selection. Data input in the setting of application will take some time in the beginning in order to set up properly all services needed and to allow system collect data constantly. Elmir 50%; Ivana 50%Prototype Description ? Our system will have simple interface with 8 icons and title. Color of interface will suggest what your score is and whether some aspects of your health and life aspects should be improved. Violet is chooses as neutral. Green will suggest success in following demands and accordingly red will be used when urgent actions must be done instantly.Basic design is presented also previously with starting services offering normal user all information needed in order to track body activities and food consumption(until now user must inform application on his/her own). Violet is chosen as neutral. It will also suggest that user is using app on a normal basis.HealthNOW(Picture showing interface)When user is improving health and adding daily all necessary information green color of interface will show to user that everything is perfectly good and that keeping the same pace will allow him live the perfect life.HealthNOWHere we are showing just general idea how it could work out will all color settings, but certain icon also can change color by itself in order to show where to start to fix things up.(Picture showing interface)(Violet icon)(Green icon)(Red icon)Red interface will only be present if user is damaging his body after data collected is showing risk of body endangerment. Red interface will not be turned on if user is not using app regularly based on lack of data. It will stay violet as always. If data collected show misusage of application and inputting endangering data interface will automatically turn red. If continued app will be blocked and only possible way to unblock it will be through web based interface which is not possible to access through mobile device.HealthNOWElmir 100%; Ivana 0%Scenario:User has been inputting wrong data which will consequently make our system to think that user is misusing application in order to harm himself/herself. Application will instantly block and be unavailable to the user until being unblocked on web based version of application only available to non-mobile devices. Elmir 0%; Ivana 100%(Picture showing interface)This prototype was the best option because it is extremely simple, it uses big icons and texts and easy to learn and get used to it. Advantage is that users will intuitively understand whether they are improving or their health based lifestyle or just getting worse just by colors of the interface. Disadvantage is that because of the sake of implicitly interface itself is not good enough to show full power of this system and all of its services. Interface is user-based and restricted to essential services, which can be of course adjusted. Elmir 50%; Ivana 50%After all analyses being done and considering all requirements and usability of given services we have made drastic changes in which cases to alert user and how not to spam one. Application will only give feedback when user requests it and if set automatically to have time interval. Other thing was how to set up application properly connecting with smartwatch and how it fill the gap when smartwatch is not available. In this case user will must input them manually in order to get full data. Elmir 30%; Ivana 70%Overview Tasks were selected all based not to make congested interface and our services with a lot of unnecessary information. User suggestion had a huge role in selecting our ideas and making prototype of what it should be alike. User knows the best was our policy throughout entire idea and evaluation.(Chart showing fitness apps usage)By conducting observation of what market offers and how people react on different designs we have concluded what people really want of health based apps. So our interface has omitted some services which by users are not attractive and will not be useful in normal life conditions. Chart also made out of statistics available we have seen what people really demand today and based on that our focus will be fitness services mostly together with tracking medical conditions.Final version of our prototype has no any future upgrades until market will demand to have some. Design will remain the same. No any major flaws that would suggest a completely different type of design were detected. Elmir 90%; Ivana 10%Critique and summary Disadvantages of our evaluation is that prototype has not been given to actual users who would have certain time to make a report which would help us of our new upgrades and for that reason no new upgrades in future until real time report will be considered. Knowing what we know now many things would be different. Firstly we would investigate what else users would consider important to have on a certain app. Also we would add special service which will help pregnant women and post pregnancy women to heal completely using our app which now due lack of data is not supported at all. If we had more sources of how certain alternatives can make human body and soul improved like using also many sport techniques and spiritual suggestions we think that it could make our app perfect to all rounded people who want to try everything beneficial. Application will satisfy every user by its versatility and simplicity. Elmir 60%; Ivana 40%


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