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“Human Values” since without these it would be impossible to be able to relate to others; resulting in a lack of communication, disposition as well as bad attitudes among all.Three main values that Alicia Morales mentions in her writing “Human Values” will be touched upon, where she talks about Honesty, Punctuality and Responsibility. Bearing in mind that these values are indispensable in human behavior to carry out their day-to-day activities and obtain the expected results; besides promoting the use of these values in other people with the … see more …What also speaks of how reliable we can be towards others based on our responsibility.It is one of the foundations of peaceful coexistence of society, realizing that each person is responsible for their actions which can affect other individuals either positively or negatively, so we must be aware of the importance of the responsibility as individuals and as part of a group.It is also mentioned that the lack of responsibility is due to the lack of properly ordered priorities, from which it can be concluded that if there is no specific goal or objective to fulfill, we will only be carrying out activities without foundation. But if you are responsible, you will project this value to others who will contribute being responsible to you, in other words you should put the sample of how to be responsible so that others follow the example.Finally some recommendations are given to improve the responsibility; First we must realize that all our actions have consequences to decide what we consider to be the best option. Subsequently, it will be necessary to review if the acts we do agree with the promises that we must fulfill. And concluding with the task of educating those around us to be responsible, so that we all put our willingness to change and improve our society.All of these hateful violence indifference to the!. It is a case of resigning (redesigning and re-educating society!) that is alive (life in the world of each person * making values reappear). they are within each human consciousness! or naturaleuay) that they have not been disarmed. to recognize) that they are universal values all human beings and those values! oseen the characteristics! One of a century and one of the world’s economies. For that reason, human values are determined by the relationship between the common elements of every human being and the ecological aspects of a situation. Given today’s world, submerged in deep economic and social economic and financial crises, it takes on new dimensions of human values. It is necessary, first of all, to identify them and determine what their content is. this eneration in correspondence with the conditions in which it is lived, that is the task that has to be dealt with at this moment! his attitude and to make it more effective in his! It is necessary to clarify) that the human value of the human being in the fundamental social environment in which the human being is developed is related to the way in which these social conditions are assimilated. Hence, there is a need to rekindle the res on the social environment in which he lives and this is “closely related to human values.One of the biggest problems of today’s society is that it lacks or does not want to respect the moral values, which represent the guide or the code of rules that are necessary for the best collective coexistence. Consequently, if we do not try to conduct ourselves in our daily life, taking these moral or behavioral rules as a reference, we will be living in the same conditions as in those stages of human history, where violence, immorality, and debauchery prevailed as a form of life, without measuring the results of such actions.In recent years, there has been a great reduction in social and moral values. These behaviors are antisocial and dehumanized, but unfortunately, every day that passes are being installed more within the current society.Behaviors full of hatred, selfishness, violence and indifference to others, are our day to day. The reason for this may be responsibility of ourselves, since little bylittle the human being has become dehumanized, becoming a machine prey to daily stress and empowered by technology, leaving aside the face-to-face coexistence with their peers.It is the media, to a large extent, that is responsible for these transformations, since they have allowed the voices of all cultures, of all subgroups, to come out onto the surface, filling the screens of the people with aggressiveness and debauchery. televisions, newspapers and radios, considerably influencing current behavior. What has led to seek the freedom to do my will, without respecting the rights of the other, demanding with violence what they understand “their truth and their rights.” The violence seen in movies, television, internet, and also in the street, which adds to a family education, increasingly devalued due to the employment of both parents, to be able to give their children a quality of life that does not include love or communication between parentsand children.Day by day, you see the shameless lie in the media. The news is adapted to the convictions or needs of each one. They cease to be impartial. To this can be added, the misuse of great technological resources, such as the internet used for child pornography and explicit prostitution among many other inappropriate uses while some are involved in creatingdifferent ways to destroy equipment and information through viruses, worms or Another resources.


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