Human mind

Both human mind and computers can think but there is a great difference between these two tools of thinking. In the words of Aamodt and Wang, “Brains have long been compared to the most advanced existing technology….. Today people talk about brains as if they were a sort of biological computer, with pink mushy “hardware” and “software” (para. 2) Computer is a creation of human mind. It is controlled by man and programmed in such a way that it performs the task of thinking. According to SouthAsianIdea Weblog, computers “are usually designed to extend our capabilities, not replicate them. ” (Para.18)

Hence the human mind decides and designs how the computer should work. The human mind is a very complex tool of thinking and till date is a source of mystery for the researchers who are trying to find out how it works. Whereas, there is no such mystery surrounding computers as man has designed it by arranging an integrated circuit, transitors and resistors and programmed it to accomplish a logical task when controlled by an electrical input. No one can control the thinking of a human mind as it is a kind of automatic process that cannot be stopped or started on someone else’s will.

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But computers perform the logical tasks according to the will or direction of human beings. Computers always perform the logical tasks in the same way whereas the pattern of thinking in human beings changes according to the situation, time and age of the person. The human mind is better in adapting to dfifferent situations automatically. In fact it is conditioned in such a way that it adpots a fresh outlook based on the problem or issue in question. This is where the computers lag behind. The human mind is least affected by power failures and other technological hazards that computers cannot overcome.

Human mind can think about itself and by its own initiative can indulge in growth and physical repair. These are some of the traits that computers lack. Human mind is also superior in communicating and can bring about immediate changes in dissemination of information based upon the reactions of the person with whom it is interacting with. Computers cannot perform this task. Human mind has the capacity of reasoning and possesses commonsense that computers don’t. The computers are better in calculatng faster than the human mind.

They can also perform the redundant tasks with the same speed and accuracy which might not be the case with every human mind. If the human mind is made to perform the same type of task on and on then it might get bored of it and make mistakes due to this. But computers do not get bored. Rather they have the capability of performing a task for a longer period of time. Our brains need break in the form of sleep in order to rejuvenate the energy lost due to excessive work. The computers are better at performing accurate tasks without needing to take a break from time to time.

It also has the capacity to store more data than what the human mind can store. To conclude, in modern times, both human mind and computers complement each other. They go hand in glove. Since both have certain strengths and weaknesses it is better that they work as a team to accomplish all types of tasks efficiently and efffecively. Talking about computers Forsyth and Naylor, pointed out that “Inevitably they become used for tasks that would require intelligence if done by a person…” (1985, p. 7). So human mind is better in reasoning and the computer is better at calculations.

If they both get togerther then the combination becomes superb. References Forsyth, R. and Naylor, C. (1985). The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence. London: Chapman and Hall / Methuen. Aamodt S. and Wang S. (2009). Guest Column: Computer vs. Brains. Retrieved May 8, 2009 from http://judson. blogs. nytimes. com/2009/03/31/guest-column-computers-vs- brains/ TheSouthAsianIdea Weblog (2009). Can a Computer be Aware Like a Human? Retrieved May 8, 2009 from http://thesouthasianidea. wordpress. com/2009/01/20/can-a- computer-be-aware-like-a-human/


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