HR training in normal working hours Subject to

HR Laws in Pakistan

ordinance 1962:

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Under this ordinance
apprentice is an individual who is seeking training or learning through a

This ordinance makes
provisions for the promotion and development of such programs in the industry for
providing some standard skills to all the employees and under this ordinance
the employer is bound to fulfill it and get it registered within a given span
of time, train atleast minimum of 20% of persons employed. It should be made
sure those apprentices receive the training in normal working hours

Subject to the provisions of
this ordinance the apprentice is obliged to learn his trade deligently and
shall work to make himself a skillful worker by the end of apprenticeship


labour system (Abolition)Act 1992:

Under clause 2 or
article 11 of constitution of Pakistan prohibits all form of forced labour and
necessary provision for abolition
of bonded labour system with the view to preventing the economic and physical
exploitation of the labour class in the country.

Upon implementation of this Act, the bonded labour system will
be abolished and every bonded labourer would be considered free and discharged
from any obligation to render any bonded labour.

No person is obliged to make any advance under, or in pursuance
of, the bonded labour system or force any other person to fulfill any bonded
labour or other form of forced labour.


3.Employment of children Act 1991:

No child is allowed to be employed or permitted to work in any of the
occupations set forth in Part I of the Schedule or in any workshop where in any
of the processes set forth in Part II of this Schedule and incase of any
exceptions even if someone is allowed he must not be allowed to wrk beyond the
specific period or hours of the work allowed.

The period of work should be fixed for everyday, and should not exceed 7
hours in any case.

Every child should be allowed a holiday of complete one day and no child
should be allowed to work extra hours. In case of conviction whoever employs or
permits any child to work in contravention of the provisions of section 3 shall
be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year or with
a fine which may extend to 20,000 rupees or both and an offence under section
3, commits a like offence afterwards, he shall be punishable with imprisonment
for a term which shall not be less than six months but which may extend to two


4.Employee cost of living Act 1973:

Under this act it
provides for payment of a cost of living allowance to employees.

Cost of living
allowance admissible under sub-sections (1),(2), (3) and (4),or, as the case
may be sub-section (5), any employee whose wages do not exceed Rs. 1500 shall,
in respect of his employment on or after the day 1 of July 1985, whether on
time-work or piece-work basis, be paid by his employer an increase in wages at
the rate of 13.5 % of his wages

Every employer shall be
responsible for the payment of the cost of living allowance required to be paid
under this Act.


welfare Legislation:

It include Employees
Old Age Benefit Act 1976. It is applicable for establishment employing 5 or
more workers. Contribution is to be made by employer 5% and employee 1% of
minimum wages.

In case of sickness,
maternity,injury or death Employee social security ordinance 1965 provides
benefits to employees. The amount in this scheme is contributed by employer
only. The woekman compensation Act 1923 provides for compensation to be paid by
employer to worker or their legal heir in case of death.


person (Employment and Rehablitation) Ordinance 1981:
ordinance provides for the employment, rehabilitation & welfare of disabled
persons and for matters connected to it.

Not less than 3% of the
total number of persons employed by an establishment at any time shall be
disabled persons whose names have been registered with the Employment Exchange
of the area in which such establishment is located and against whose names in
the register maintained under section 12 an endorsement exists to the effect
that they are fit to work.

When calculating the
percentage of the posts in an establishment for the purposes of employment of
disabled persons, the fraction of 0.5 and above shall count as a complete


Against Harrasment of Women at workplace Act , 2010:

The objective of this act is to create a safe working
environment for women, An environment which is free from harassment, abuse and
intimidation to facilitate their right to work with dignity. It will also
enable higher productivity and a better quality of life at work.
This law is not only restricted to workplaces,
it is applicable to all public spheres.


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