How to heal a broken heart

I  have  had few? heartaches? throughout? my? life:? my? parent’s? divorce,? moms? breast? cancer,? grandpas? death,? and? having? a? bad? break? up.? Everyone? in? their? life? goes? through? at? least? one? heartache,? or? what? some? people? may? call? a? “heart? break”? or? “heartbroken. ”? Life? always? throws? things? at? you? that? you? need? to? learn? to? deal? with,? through? my? experiences? I? have? learned? a? few? tricks? to? get? through? the? bad? times? and? come? out? as? a? stronger? person.

The? first? step? you? have? to?do? is? give? yourself? time? to? be? sad.? Give? yourself? at? least? two? days? where? you? can? cry? all? you? want,? eat? chocolate,? lay? in? bed,? let? all? those? emotions? pour? out.? After? those? two? days,? the? number? one? thing? to? make? your? self? feel? better? is? to? look? your? best.? Its? proven? that? if? you? make? yourself? look? good,? you? start? to? feel? good,? it? also? brings? back? some? of? your? confidence.

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The? second? step,? make? sure? you? surround? yourself? with? people? that? make? you? happy? and? are? able? to? talk? to.? Talking? about? how? you? feel? to? people? you? trust? keeps? yourself? from? keeping? your? emotions? inside,? because? if? that? happens? then? your? thoughts? and? emotions? boil? up? inside? until? your? going? to? have? an? emotional? break? down.?

No? matter? what? happens? and? how? low? you? feel,? never? push? your? friends? or? family? away? because? those? are? the? people? that? are? always? there? for? you? and? truly? want? the? best? for? you.? Try? and? keep? your? mind? of? things?? hang? out? with? friends,?

take? up? a? hobby,? focus? on? school.? Opening? yourself? up? to? new? experiences? opens? you? up? to? new? people.? Hanging? out? with? my? friends? always? made? me? feel? better,? they? are? the? best? support? system.? Don’t? feel? sorry? for? yourself,? ever.? If? you? sit? around? your? room? and? block? yourself? out? from? the? rest? of? the? world? you’ll? never? get? better? and? will? always? feel? sad. If? your? going? through? a? break? up? or? got? in? a? really? bad? fight? with? a? friend? try? to? distance? yourself? from? the? person? that? caused? you? pain.?

Trying? to? fix? things? right? away? is? just? going? to? bring? the? emotions? out? and? make? it? harder? to? move? on? with? life.? There? are? so? many? people? out? there? and? when? people? say,? “there? are? plenty? of? fish? in? the? sea”? listen? because? it’s? true.? You? will? find? out? your? true? friends? when? they? are? the? ones? helping? you? pick? up? the? pieces. When? you? first? get? your? first? heartache? you? think? that? it’s? the? end? of? the? world? and? that? things? will? not? get?better.?

The? most? important? thing? you? need? to? remember? through? all? of? your? struggles,? is? things? will? get? better.? When? something? happens? things? don’t? stay? bad,? they? always? get? better? even? if? it? takes? a? while.? That’s? the? most? important? thing? to? remind? yourself? every? single? day.? You? take? one? day? at? a? time? and? face? the? obstacles? that? come? your? way? with? courage? and? hope? that? things? will? get? better.? Having? a? good? attitude? will? get? you? much? further? in? lifethen? you? think.


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