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How to Have a Healthy Scalp?

To have healthy and beautiful hair, it is
important to first have a well-nourished and healthy scalp. Hair growth is
dependent on the health of the scalp. An unhealthy scalp will only give you
thinning hair, discoloured strands and hair loss.

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Now the question is how to maintain the
health of your scalp? To be honest, it is not a difficult task. Our experts
have devised some effective and easy steps to take for a healthy scalp.

Maintain a healthy diet

Diet is the most important thing to manage
if you want a younger looking skin and a fully nourished set of hair. It can be
explained through this simple sentence, “We are what we eat”.

Protein is
the most essential nutrient when it comes to scalp health. Our hair fibers are
made from keratin and protein aids in producing keratin for healthy hair
growth. You can take protein from salmon, eggs, spinach and cottage cheese etc.

B-12 is super essential for hair growth and health. Its deficiency can lead to
severe hair loss and many scalp
related problems. Other than this, vitamin A & C is also necessary for
a healthy scalp. You can get all these vitamins from fruits and veggies. There
should be a significant amount of fruits and veggies in your daily diet.

Iron, zinc
and folic acid are also important to add in your diet. Zinc helps in
controlling dandruff in your hair, iron prevents hair discoloration and hair
thinning while folic acid aids in cell production.

sugar is sheerly harmful for your locks and scalp. Especially the consumption of
processed sugar builds up dandruff in scalp.

Maintain a proper haircare routine

Your haircare routine should involve the
essential steps given below:

First of
all it is important to cut off all the haircare products from your list that
contains silicones and parabens. Try Toppik
Hair Building Shampoo that not only aids in healthy hair growth but also helps
in maintaining a healthy scalp. It is silicone-free and is formulated using
100% original keratin ingredients.

your scalp and hair hydrated and moisturized is also important. Try using
coconut oil, olive oil or argon oil on your mane.

Never skip
conditioning your hair.

Wash your
hair once in every two or max three days. It is important to keep it clean of
all the unwanted oil and dust residues.

brushing your hair regularly gives you a lot of tangles. So, brush your hair

Environmental and chemical irritants can
damage your hair more than your imagination. It is important to cover your scalp
from all such irritants. Following are the important guidelines for scalp

ultraviolet radiations from sun are harmful for not only your facial skin but
for your scalp skin as well. Cover your scalp from sunburn by using hats or
scarfs while going out. Or you can use sunblock for hair and scalp.

Do not
colour your hair frequently. The colouring products contain a number of harmful
chemicals that damage your scalp health.

Maintain a
scalp cleansing and scalp detox routine.


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