How can affect the performance of employees. According

How does a workplace
environment affect the performance of the employees in signature living?

This study hopes to investigate the effect on how the
workplace environment can affect the employees. Data collected through
questionnaires and observations will help gain findings which can support the

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The workplace environment can sometimes be unsafe and
unhealthy. This can include poor designed workplaces and stations, hazardous
furniture, lack of ventilation, inappropriate lighting, excessive noise, an
insufficient safety measure in fire emergencies. This can also include break
times and toilets positions in the workplace. This could provide the means to
less productivity in the workplace, and this research project will help to
suggest how workplaces lack these facilities and how if they did offer them if
this would increase the performance level. This research proposal will help me
evaluate and take part the question. This project will be conducted in two ways
through questionnaires and observations, it will be performed in a manner where
it can be looked at from two different aspects, and hopefully, these two
methods will help to justify the answer and probably will demonstrate how the
workplace environment can affect the performance of employees. According to (Leanman, 1995)those employees who
have their day to day performance influenced by the workplace environment are
the ones who always complain about the workplace, On the other hand according
to (Goransson, 2009)that most of the
factors of work environment gives impact on their job  by mean that the workplace environment has a
significant effect towards health and wellbeing when in the workplace.






This research will hope to take a mix of quantitative and
qualitative data. The methods used will be suitable to the question which will
be undertaken with in-depth desk research. Data were collecting questionnaires
which will help provide a better understanding of the question and topic. The
scope and boundaries of the research project will rely on how realistic the chance
of achieving the objectives set out. So when undertaking the research which is
involved in the task, the plan shall not be complicated and ambitious but
should be realistic.  I will sample from
a small group of employees in the workplace which can have varied race, gender,
and religion so that it can give a generalised answer from the full
workforce.  The main aim of the objective
is to naturally find a response to the questionnaire but not only that but to
give a better understanding of the topic, Which is to investigate how employees
can be affected in their workplace with underlining points in the environment.
TIME BOUD. These qualities are desirable so the research can be the best
quality it can be.


The sample information will have partaken in the 3 of
signature livings sites:

1) The Shankly Hotel- The Shankly Hotel, Millennium
house, 60 Victoria Street, Liverpool, L1 6JD/ hotel, wedding venue, restaurant,
and bar

2) 30 James Street- Albion House, 30 James Street,
Liverpool, Merseyside, L2 7PQ, United Kingdom /full hotel which restaurant and

3) Daniel House- Daniel House,  Trinity Rd, Bootle L20 3RG which/ which is a




Literature review

Source 1; (Chandrasekar, 2011)Workplace Environment
and Its Impact on Organisational Performance in Public Sector Organisations.

Source 2; (Boles, 2004) The relationship
between health risks and work productivity.

Source 3; (Clements-Croome, 2006)Creating the productive

(Chandrasekar, 2011) Factors of a workplace environment
can play an instrumental role in the performance of an employee. The elements
can have an immense impact on this, this can either be positive or negative.
According to (Boles, 2004)when the employees are physically and emotionally
have the Desire to work their performance outcomes should be increased. They
also stated that by having a suitable workplace where the environment is stable
this could help decrease people being absent and also enhance the performance
of the employees. (Clements-Croome, 2006) States in His book of the concept of
a workplace which by means the environment is provided by the employee from the
employer which gives them the best support they can receive which will increase
the levels of productivity and which in the long term will increase the
company’s profits.

















findings back to?

The finding
that has been made from secondary sources can relate back to the question that
has created a better answer also from results which can come up with a



Identify any
sources of bias error/ check validity

The data must
be reliable so that a responsible answer can be concluded for the question. The
data that is required must be from employees who experience problems. The data
should be collected on all different levels so that it isn’t sided with one
person and it is not biased. Piloting the questionnaire will mean that it will
be consistent.


Identify any
ethical issues raised by your project

issues when partaking in this project is first making sure that I keep to
company guidelines, be professional and also continue to legal guidelines as
asking people of all race, age, gender, and religion. People can be offended
easy. The approval of the workforce is meant that it has been easy for me to
get a solution to the answer. The Privacy and confidentiality of participants
are essential so that there information is personal to them and no on eels can
access that information.

to your project, strengths, and weaknesses

improvements that could be made to properly is that there can be a lot more
sources that can be more beneficial to the question also asked the strengths
that are there to be seen as the question asked there can be specific problems
that can pinpoint the answer to the question.



The past
research done by (Chandrasekar, 2011)said that many factors
affect the performance of the employee, the significant research that job aids
and a physical workplace have on the employees means that signature needs to
help their employee so that the productivity increases. Findings like that
would say that all organisations can struggle will employees being less
productive than other, how to combat these situations is to use other people’s
conclusions as well as your own to create a better workplace environment.





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