How agree upon a fact that there are

                                  How could we
be happy

This subject is not as simple as it may appear.

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It is difficult for most of  us to find
free time for joy than work. Of course, this is true. It’s necessary to
keep focus on work than to be happy.

Why do we have not time to be happy?

Care, responsibility, motivation, Fear, Pressure. In this rushing life, we totally
pay attention to success and a very little part on happiness. Because

are given talent to be successful,  not
to be glad. 

And this is a fact. .


From a childhood age, most of us are
learnt in schools  that if we will work deliberately,
if we  will work with full concentration,
with full devotion ,if we will remember all the theories of book then we can
move on  in life and so then we will be
successful in life; and if we are successful, we will be happy. I totally
disagree with this  myth. I wonder I am
living between a society which is used to live by what I call the ‘when-then’


When you will get an ‘A Grade’, then you’ll be happy.When you will get this car, then You’ll be happy.When you will finish this board exam, then you’ll be happy.When
you will qualify for this entry
test, then you’ll be happy.When you will get this imported dress, then you’ll be happy.When you will earn a lot of money, then you’ll be happy


We have this wrong perception in our mind.. In fact, our ideas about
happiness are completely reverse in terms of understanding..Research shows that
more than about 175,000 people observed  that people who started being happy
are more likely to succeed than the  people who are not happy and they are more
likely to fail in life even in every matter in their lives. This is the
happiness truth:




If we are
happy, we are more successful


Happiness are very useful for us in
our daily life , it  helps to improve  our skills, motivation, productivity, our
immune system, our creativity, our income and our effectiveness and keeps our
brain system fresh and active all the time.

Like everything, we  agree upon a fact that there are certain
advantages and disadvantages of almost everything. But despite of the fact ,there
are no harms or disadvantages of  being
happy. However, there are certain causes of  Happiness that boost our moral and confidence
all the time plus there are very good impacts of happiness on our daily life, on
our work ethics, on our attitude that contributes in developing a good
character, a good personality which leads towards the success.

Research shows that 19 years old
students who are mostly college students. Among those students who are observed
as happy and satisfied in college life they are more successful in their future
 than the people who were not happy
during their young age.

So happiness is concerned with every
human being and research showed that almost behind the success of every individual,
there is a great role of happiness that drives their struggle to the straight
path with the steady speed.

So happiness is the key to Success:

The Science of Happiness

Whether you’re an engineer, doctor,  lawyer, sales-rep ,web designer, teacher, accountant,
writer, musician, farmer, cook, helper, officer  or Army officer, you are motivated to keep
preparing  yourself  for the coming work or for the next fruitful  job, putting your 100%  towards completion of work and focusing your
eyes  on the future. You want to do some
more work always : an extra project or responsibility you can take on, more
preparation  you can complete to ensure a
promotion, or an additional investment to wager on just in case. There’s always
that co-worker who is putting in longer hours, showing you that you too can and
should do more. And so you strive nonstop to enhance your goals.




bad technology is involved in our happiness

showed up  that  by staying in your present —rather than
constantly moving towards your destiny or for your future without knowing any
dimensions—will make you more achievable ,talented, and happier and also, it will
help you in adapting an exclusive  quality that 
we see in  most of the  successful people.

Keeping in
mind the need of  modern age in case of  technology in our society and culture, we all  want multiple things to be done  at any one time: If we are in a meeting  at the same time we also focus on cell phone
which shows the text from friend who is making plan for gathering, or while
working in office hours, our colleague may come for asking a lift to home and
in this way conversation develops and who care about work then . Then in some
kind of work, your job description demands to keep online on the emails every
time to respond along with the documented work all the day even without having
any urgency. In most of the jobs where physical activities are involved, one
has to do multitasking to accomplish the work. So, multitasking has become the
need of this modern age. We have developed a habit of using cellphones while
driving, while eating food, at bed before sleeping, while spending time with
family, whether on the vacation ,without cellphones we feel uncomfortable. In
this way we are decreasing our performance in work , we are losing our
concentration. We are harming ourselves by using the excessive use of non-productive
things which actually damage our well being . Research showed that excessive
use of media technology like cell phones have very negative impacts on our
health, activeness, stress, motivation and concentration. This may be a cause
of our brain stress which leads to the state of angry mood.

In this case, most of us suffer from the weakness in
relationship either in family or friends. We may look like happy all the time
from the face but actually from the deep inside we are burned out. We don’t perform
well in any of the activity related to our work or hobby or whatever. Because
we feel nothing at our highest level in absence of technology so we turn into feeling
of being miserable both emotionally and physically.

On the other hand, research
showed that when we put our full dedication in one part whether it’s a work or
a hobby or a relation, we get reward in very short time even by having a
complexity in that work. Getting things perfectly done in short span of time
shows that if we concentrate on the job only we are working on then we will get
the work done instead of getting involved in multitasking. For example watching
T.V, movies, listening to music etc… Though, these activities are important
too but cannot be synchronized with work.

So, multi-tasking is the major
cause of sadness and depression. Managing the time is very important in order
to get happiness.


break is must

We should spend our
half day at least on a technology fast without any schedule. This is one of the
greatest exercises we must practice in order to get of a real joy of life joy
which is also ideal in nature. That means no cell phone time especially at
weekends while spending time with family, relatives, and friends or even at
trips. If we practice this exercise then we will feel relax and get all the
feelings and pleasures that cannot be expressed in words.  In this way we could find out the time to
observe the nature deeply, looking at the sky and other same type of activities.
This may feel strange at first, and you may even start thinking that you are
doing something very uncommon. It may even make you uncomfortable, but just
think you want to be happy. It’s just a phase. The mind takes some time to
settle down. You can learn to relax your mind. The quality of your life, your
happiness and work depends on it.


Book: Happiness track


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