Homework beneficial, and it should be given to


many students have to spend hours every day for doing homework, and the amount
of homework that schools assign to students is too much compared with the past
way of teaching. Homework sometimes become a burden to teachers too because
they have to spend hours for checking it, but do you think that homework does
not have benefits? I think homework is beneficial, and it should be given to
students regularly. Homework is not only beneficial for reviewing what we took
only in the classes, but also it can estimate how well students understand and
how well teachers teach. Some students also argue that the time for doing
homework is wasteful, but for me it is not true because managing time is a
perfect way to prepare for the future. I believe that homework is beneficial
which we can see its role in students’ performance, time management, and its
effect on children learning.

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students sometimes wonder how homework affects their grades and performance in
classes. Many teachers and researchers still agree that students achieve higher
grades in schools with the help of homework. Schools that give homework to
their students regularly showed higher students achievement and performance
than schools that gives little homework to their students which means that homework
has a big role effect on students’ performance. Furthermore, doing a lot of
homework in classes or in students’ homes will help the students not to forget
what they learnt, and they will get high scores. For example, when students
learn a new information in classes, it will automatically save in their short-term
memory, but by doing a lot of homework on what they took, short-term memory
will be converted to a long-term memory. Therefore, students will not forget
what they took after weeks, and they will not have to review all the test
materials before the midterms or quizzes, and if they study, they will take
shorter time than students who do not care about homework.

when all teachers of different courses give students homework with a deadline
for it, students become more stressed because they do not know which homework
they have to it first, and which one will take much time than the others. In my
opinion, this thing will help students to manage their time and be more
responsible. Because homework has to be given or submitted within a specific
time or in the time, students will be suffering from punishments like taking
some points out from their attendance and participation grades, so students are
going to understand the requirement of being responsible in order to finish
their homework on time. In addition, students will also learn how to organize
their priorities of doing homework that have almost the same deadline. Homework
will help students to assume how much time they will spend on each homework.
For example, students will be able to calculate how much time they are going to
take to complete each particular homework which helps them to know how much
free time will be there for doing other tasks or activities that are not
related to homework at all, so it will help them to plan their day much better.

some parents think that children should not be given homework, but others argue
that homework plays a significant role in the education of children. Homework
serve as an important educational purpose for early childhood education which
helps them to acquire a healthy attitude to do homework from an early age. I
think the main benefit of doing homework at early age is that it can help the
children to acquire independent learning and problem solving. For example, by
the time when they do a lot of homework, it will improve their self-confidence
by surpassing the challenges they meet while doing homework without any help
from their parents. Teachers can help young students to improve their learning
skills by connecting entertainment with doing homework. For instance, teachers
can give them an enjoyable story about a specific cartoon character like
superman with some questions on it as a homework which makes them like reading,
and it also improves their reading comprehension.

summary, I believe that homework has a beneficial effect on students’
performance, time management, and the development of children learning.
Students can get high grades, not forget what they learnt in classes, and
increase their performance by doing a lot of homework. Homework helps students
to manage their time and be more responsible, such as submitting homework and
assignments on the deadline. Homework can also help young students to acquire
their independent learning, and it improves their learning skills. Because learning
is all about practicing, the more students practice using the material they
learnt, and the deeper they understand it. Therefore, homework is a great way
to practice the learned materials regularly.



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