His dog with a shotgun.What I really liked

  His first real book, “The Fabulous Empire: Colonel Zack Miller’s Story,” was pretty successful in that time. About 25,000 copies were sold, but “Hound-Dog Man” gave him his reputation when it became the book of the month. It sold over 250,000 copies in the first year it was published. Most of his readers think that this was his best book ever and it is still very popular to this day.    “Old Yeller” was Gipson’s best work ever written in his eyes. It almost sold 3 million copies when the year 1973 hit. The book, that takes place in the hills in the 1960s, draws us a picture of what it was like in the life of a fourteen-year-old boy left in charge of his mother and brother when his father is away.This story was about a family that had their father gone on a long journey to provide for them. A dog showed up on their farm. The oldest out of the two boys was not fond of the dog at first because it caused some trouble. Then after he bonded with the dog over protecting the farm became emotionally attached. Then one day the dog was caught up in a wild boar herd, he ended up getting a disease that altered the mental state of the dog that allowed him to turn on his family. The oldest boy put down his dog with a shotgun.What I really liked about this book was the fact that a dog, an entity could come into a 14-year-old boys life who is kind of cruel, and make him warm and compassionate and then after the entity was tragically removed from the story. That the boy always carried old yellers (the dogs) spirit around with him and remained compassionate forever.My least favorite part of the book was the scene where the boy (Travis) decided that he was the one who had to put down old yeller. Old yellers spirit was so good and so pure, he was loyal and faithful. And he deserved better than to die to a disease transmitted by a pig. If I was Travis I would probably do the same thing because the state that old yeller was in was to the point that his mind was evil. It wasn’t his mind anymore, old yeller had died before Travis shot his body. Personally, i have had many dogs, most of them have died, whether they were put down or they had got ran over. I always cried and screamed over their dead bodies so I don’t know how I would be able to shoot my own dog, but I know somehow that I would if it came down to their suffering.


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