Hiring important skill to have is time management,

    Hiring a interior designer is very costly but did you know that you can do it yourself?  With a few simple steps designing your house by yourself would be more cost effective. One of the most important skill to have is time management, but there are many more skills and information to know. The history of interior design helped the future and present time of house design. Interior designing is decorating houses and other spaces with color scheme, theme, fittings, furnishing, and sometimes architectural features.             Interior designer profession is just over 100 years old, it began as the art of decorating, function, and embracing form. In the early 1900s the term “interior decorator” was first used in America. The first interior decorator was Elsie de Wolfe Given a design “commission.” The first book published was called “The House  in Good Taste.” Also first documented commercial interior decorator was Dorothy Draper. Dorothy’s design firm was established in 1923. In 1930s a magazine ” interior designer and decorations” came up with the term of “interior designing,” but they were not printed in the years 1943 and 1952. 1931 the American Institute of interior decorators (AIID) is formed.  Four years later the (AIID) changed their name to (AID)In the past `interior designing was just a hobby till 1982  when the US legislation where they evolve the profession of interior designing was passed in  Alabama.  Last in 2006 the foundation of interior design education research (FIDER) became the council of interior design accreditation (CIDA).`     The theme and color scheme of a room can be optional but is highly advised. A theme is a dominant  thought and a moral. There have been studies about why it is important of what color a room should be. The University of Georgia found a study that color is a determinant of human behavior.  Some popular types of theme for a room is Mid-century modern, bohemian, urban modern, and nautical.  SOme themes were meant to look messy like bohemian some refined lines and tried to make the room more relaxed.  The Mid-century modern room uses refined lines, silhouettes and natural shapes. It uses creative ways  to use new materials like molded plastic, plywood, and aluminum. Bohemian is one of the rooms people like now of days with a carefree look and has a adventurous look. It layers blankets, has rich patterns, and has vibrant colors. The key purpose of the room is to look “messy” but still organized. THe color of the room depends on the person and other things. If someone needs help picking colors they should use the color wheel and see what colors look good together.           Another thing people want is help with decorating certain kinds of  rooms. From making small rooms look bigger to the colors that could help make the room feel cozy.  The way a room in a house was made for different reasons, smaller than the other, and having a taller roof. Studies have shown that  in smaller rooms it is better to use light colors because it lets the sun show and doesn’t mostly hide corners. Brighter rooms look bigger and more inviting. If, you want to take up space with little furniture get a big bed and put it in the middle of the room and add little furniture around it.  To make the room feel cleaner put the dresser in the closet and keep clothes in your closet. With big rooms be creative with the lighting and divide the space visually. With color use a darker color to absorb the light to make it feel smaller and a bit more comfortable. It is also helpful if you add open shelving and have texture. The size of the room matter what furniture you have because it can’t be crowded but it cannot look empty. Ceilings are fun to work with because high ceilings can use architectural details like exposed beams or beadboards. If, that isn’t affordable hanging statement light fixtures like a chandelier can take up space. Also hanging artwork high on the wall, having a gallery style wall, or  a large picture on the wall it brings the room all together.  Low ceilings can bee a good thing but most people want to have a higher ceiling. To make them look higher decorate a wall or two with vertical lines, get the door to ceiling height, use glossy paint, and be careful of the furniture choice. If, hiring a interior designer you have to find out a lot about them. Somethings to ask them are what kind of degree they have and if they have any examples of work similar in style and or budget. Doing your own home you already know the style you want and the budget to stay in. Interior designers can also be a good thing having a style that make the house very professional and nice.The history of interior designing with the first interior decorator, first book, and magazine giving interior designer the name. Telling about the (AIID) and how it got changed to (AID) and  finally making it a profession. Also the popular different kinds of styles of a bedroom, with bohemian, mid-century modern, numerical, and urban modern. There were lots of studies with color and how it helps behavior and can make a room look different. Dark colors like black and navy blue can be painted in a big room and can make the room feel smaller with creative lighting choices. Smaller rooms need lighter colors so the light doesn’t get absorbed and make it look bigger and comfortable. Last the architectural features in a house helps decorating a room from the size to the height of the roof. Making a room look and feel comfortable is very important in a house. Hiring a interior designer can be costly but can be very useful. Interior designers can cost $25.47 a hour and their average salary is $52,970.


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