High stress environment

Let us take for example a study that was made in 1999 by the Journal of Marriage and the Family of the effects of stress to couples. In order to do this, the researchers have examined the emotional transmission methods of 68 couples in which one member of the couple was preparing to face a major stressful event — the New York State Bar examination (Thompson & Bolger, 1999). As those who have a fair knowledge and academics would know, this event would be the last step towards the legal training of an individual and it is typically a high stress environment for examinees.

As the study had shown, the closer the event was, the more both partners were less satisfied with their living conditions. This had been attributed by the researchers to the stress that was generated by the event. As a matter of fact, this study shows that without the release of stress even in a small unit as a couple, there could be problematic situations where in relationships would be at risk. Remember that this is only one aspect of the research and there are many other stressful situations that occur day-to-day individual’s life.

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In another study made in 2005 by the Canadian Journal of Education, researchers have tried to identify through meta-analysis methods the diverse causes and effects of stress and teachers (Cameron Montgomery ; Rupp, 2005). This study gather data about 65 independently written or published studies on teacher stress between 1998 and 2003 — are the relationships between the stress that these teachers had and other various activities that were related to including coping behavior, emotional responses, personal support, and the like.

As the research has shown, stress indeed played an important role in the overall productivity of teachers. As a result, teachers were less productive in delivering the required lessons they needed to teach students. Therefore, as an inference that we may be able to make from this, the problems that he stress teacher encountered did not only put into risk and danger his or her personal well-being but also the well-being — with respect to academic performance and education –of the students as well.

This shows us that stress has a domino effect on individuals and the results do not only necessarily have to be to a single person but rather to a group in society — a very dangerous occurrence indeed especially in the interconnected world we live in today. This is again reinforced by a study we found published in 1999 by the Journal of Marriage and the Family. Here, researchers had shown that stress indeed had a nature of being accumulated and transferred from one individual to another (Larson & Almeida, 1999).

In some cases, even, as researchers had seen, stress had an exponential growth rate and stressful families usually transferred such stress-related emotional states to their children and workplace — which in turn grows a different kind of stress that is also transmitted through another channel. Stress does not only have effects to the emotional well-being of individuals. In fact, studies have also shown that stress is highly correlated to various medical and health-related issues and concerns.

For example, in the Journal of Quality of Life Research, researchers had shown that especially in younger adults, the factor of stress contributes greatly to the overall mental health that is measured by psychologists. In fact, even in the most basic measures of mental health and quality of life, young adults who had a perceived high level of stress were the ones that had also mental health-related problems and even prospective health problems in the future (Bovier, Chamot, ; Perneger, 2004).

The sample size that was used by the research was more than 2000 individuals which is indeed a large sample size and the results which would be generated by the statistics would significantly reflect the over all reflection to the population. Further studies have also shown that adolescents had higher health risk behaviors in families and environments which are highly stressful ones (Hamilton I. McCubbin, Needle, ; Wilson, 1985).

There are many other problems that researchers have concluded — in relation to health — that are directly attributed to the inability of some individuals to release stress. In fact, these researchers have also found that many sleep disorders in today’s society are directly attributed — or at least highly related to — the inability of individuals to release stress in their daily lives (Manocchia, Keller, & Ware, 2001).


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