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Her visage is the most widely face of an African royal woman besides Nefertiti- the Ancient Egyptian Queen.Centuries after her death she is still considered one of the greatest royal women in Africa but she was not born with royal blood.Like most of the young girls in her days Idia was prepared early in her teenage years for marriage. She grew to be a beautiful strong willed and spiritual woman.What brought her to the palace though was not just her beauty but her awesome dancing skills.She was born in Ugieghudu Quaters in the Benin Kingdom. She went for a dance and at the capital which is Benin and there the Oba Ozolua could not keep his eyes from her.The Oba was more than a king. He was a living god. Till date they are still referred to as uku akpolokpolo which translates to “the Mighty one that reigns”.With such a pedigree it was practically impossible to refuse him your daughter when he comes asking to marry her. Coupled with the fact that getting married to the Oba was the quickest and probably the easiest route to political power not just for Idia, but for her parents and the Ugieghudu quarters at large. So, it was logically a win-win situation.Her parents realized that destiny has brought their daughter good luck but it was their duty to lay hold and seize this miraculous opportunity to become powerful, rich, famous and influential. Legend has it that they took their beloved daughter Idia through many fortifications and spiritual preparations – which are better referred to as “cooking” – to prepare her for life in the Palace.The palace was not a place for weaklings, fearful or faint-hearted people. If their daughter was going to be successful then she had to be ready physically, mentally but most especially spiritually. Her husband, Oba Ozolua was a man of war and consequently was usually out for wars. Queen Idia gave birth to the third son of the Oba. As beautiful as this sounds, there was almost no future for her. Why? Because traditionally, the first son becomes the crown prince and succeeds his father. Even more terrifying was the fact that at the demise of an Oba, his wives were put to death but his successor as tradition demanded.There was no hope for her it seemed. All she was destined to be was an Olori (a royal wife). But she was prepared for this long before it ever began and the turn of events was as dramatic and mystical as the ancient Benin kingdom itself. History has it that she commanded great influence in the palace of Oba Ozolua. She knew all the major players and her knowledge of politics, administration, medicine and spirituals made her a vital asset. After the death of her husband Oba Ozolua in 1504 her son Osawe (Oba Esigie) was coronated as the new Oba. This resulted in a civil war as his warrior giant brother Aruanran and Queen Idia’s son Osawe battled for the throne.At this time, Aruanran was the Enogie (Ruler) of Udo, a town of great importance and his brother Osawe (Oba Esigie) was in control of Benin.The war was long and it took three campaigns to defeat Idubor Aruanran. He had tried to make Udo the capital of the kingdom as he refused to be a subordinate to his younger brother Osawe. He was a huge man and a warrior as opposed to his brother whom his father had sent to a Portuguese missionary school and had not gone to war with his father.Oba Esigie had to trust and rely on his warrior and spiritually gallant mother (Queen Idia) to lead his army on some war expeditions. How did Osawe (Oba Esigie)  who was the third son manage to become Oba? Once, could be a mistake, twice a coincidence but from the third occurrence a pattern becomes visible.Queen Idia gave birth to her first son Osawe (Oba Esigie) hours after Queen Ohonmi had given birth to her own first son, Idubor Aruanran.Oral history has it that after his birth Idubor Aruanran refused to cry. A few hours later Queen Idia put to bed and he cried. The baby (Osawe) was therefore the first to be announced as th


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