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I am in pretty good health right now where I am at in life. My family does not have a history of anything that can be described that could be foreseen as a problem. What I can talk about is a generalized health maintenance and plan for staying healthy that should be easy to follow and quite rewarding. I will talk about eating disorders specifically so as to adhere to the instruction of the assignment. Eating disorders are some of the top concerns with any person that has health concerns regarding food. To make sure that someone can be successful in achieving a healthy body it is important to set goals that you can adhere to.

One goal that is very important to me is easily to live a long and productive life. This can be considered a physical exercise goal in the sense that without exercise you can not really expect the same rewarding health as you would with regular exercise. As another goal that would help in maintaining health I would like to set monthly targets for weight and physical fitness that are realistic and obtainable. By setting a personal target weight you can compare your weight once a week and see an accurate model of what is happening with your diet and exercise plan.

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Developing an exercise plan that keeps you motivated and makes the time spent fun and rewarding is important to ensure the best results from any plan. On the nutritional side of a goal oriented approach to health the best idea is the simplest. By watching your caloric intake and serving sizes you can cut out a large amount of the fat causing nutrients as well as high sodium and other things that could potentially jeopardize your health plan. In order to achieve your goals you must keep to your plan easy to follow and keep it fun and motivated so that it is not abandoned easily or put aside.

To achieve the goal of a long productive life you simply need to focus on that goal as a whole and spend time making sure that the other goals of your health plan are being followed as well. To make the second goal work by setting weekly measurements for weight and physical activity it is important to keep a record of all scale readings and exercise plans. This goal will be easier to achieve with regular exercise involved throughout each individual week. I personally like to run and ride my bicycle. I believe that a good plan for me would be to add more activities to the plan I already follow.

My current plan includes cycling 100 miles a week, running 12 miles a week, and a series of low impact aerobics for 30 minutes a day. I would like to ad another 8 miles of running so that I can maintain my body more efficiently. Running is a fantastic way to lose unwanted weight and keep the cardiac muscle working in top shape. I would also increase the aerobic exercise to 1 hour a day and alternate between low impact and high impact throughout the week. On the nutritional side of things it should be fairly simple to achieve my goal.

It is very difficult in society today to stick to a certain habit of checking out foods for nutritional data. I am so used to doing that now that it comes second nature to me. By planning out a certain amount of calories and saturated fats you can easily maintain a proper and healthier body. When purchasing food from a restaurant I can ask for nutritional data and they must provide it. I can also take a reference book of popular food items to the store with me when I shop so I can get done quickly. A great deal of Calorie counting is the extra time it takes to do so.

When I look at the big picture it is obvious that 1 minute of reading a label is a better use of time than not doing so and having potential health risks later on in life. There are always potential set backs involved in a health plan. I have always found it difficult to keep motivated with a diet plan. I get bored with the process or I get busy and forget to do my exercise. My life is busy enough without having to stress about when and where I should work out and count calories. I try to keep positive and focused on my goals in anything and this will help me with a health plan for sure.

One of the biggest difficulties I have with a health plan is maintaining a steady pattern of exercise. Sometimes I can go out early morning and do them when on other days I may have to wait until late in the day. On top of that I even have instances where I cannot do any of the exercises in my health plan due to my work. At any given time I may work 24 hours or more straight. The solution to that is the work itself. My job can be very physically demanding and makes a great way to lose fat weight and get fit physically.

The apparent difficulty in counting and balancing calories is obvious. When I get busy with work I may not have the luxury of the food that is available to make sure what calories and nutrients I will be having. Many times the food on hand is catered so this makes it extremely difficult to know what I will be eating in regards to calorie levels. One way to get around this obstacle is to bring my own meals to work. I have done this in the past on occasion and did not have much trouble with it. As with any goal there will always be major setbacks to deal with in order to make them work.

All I can do is maintain the best I can and deal with them as they come along in order to keep my plan on track. Some ways I will be able to monitor the success of my health plan are to keep a record of everything that I can update daily and to compare my goals every week. By keeping a diary of my exercise and food intake I can form a pattern in my diet that can help me fine tune the results for my exact purpose. If I want to change my plan up for muscle development then I can refer to my history and adjust physical activity and nutrition to compensate and compliment that form of exercise.

A doctor visit is a very effective way to measure the success of a health plan. I can receive a check up every 3 months or so that will provide me with information about my health that can help me not only stay healthy but also keep my exercise plan on track. The results of my health plan should be very evident without much problem. I have researched the effectiveness of exercise plans on various conditions and problems and found that it does not only help maintain a physical health but also helps with an emotional and mental health as well.

A research group actually made a study on the effects of exercise and depression. (Lawlor, 2001) The results were not inclusive because of a lack in the researchers abilities however the reading made a lot of sense and was interesting in just content. Effectiveness is also measured directly by the results of exercise in general. When the body sweats it is cooling down and burning fat stores. (Brooks, 2003) As with any other health concerns there are always risks involved with not following your plan.

Without adhering to my plan I could be opening myself up for a lot of trouble with serious health problems. Without a standard exercise plan to maintain the body it is always a concern that not enough nutrients are being absorbed into the body. This can lead to illness from low immune system and can lead to blood disease and digestive problems. Weight gain is a concern when an exercise plan is not in place also. Most people with an average metabolism will maintain a certain weight that will stay at one level when the lifestyle does not change much.

When dealing with any health plan there is a possibility of having to adjust for certain situations. When I get older I will have to change the duration and intensity of the exercise plan so that it is less strain on my matured body while maintaining a reasonable amount of effectiveness. I can replace the long runs with a treadmill and will not have to adjust much for the bicycling except reducing the speed and hills. The aerobics can be done without any major changes also. I can incorporate Tai Chi or yoga into my exercise to accommodate an aging body also.

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