Hearing repair. You might want to consider upgrading

Hearing aids are designed to provide many years of dependable service, but they experience problems every once in a while. Your hearings aids are used every day and are subject to moisture, heat and earwax. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your devices and help prevent costly repairs and early replacement.The most important preventative maintenance step you can take is to clean your hearing aids every day. Use a dry, soft cloth the wipe down your devices. Don’t use water, solvents, alcohol or cleaning fluids – all can damage your hearing aids.After you remove your hearing aids,  it’s important to store them in a  case to avoid contact with dust and dirt.Sometimes, problems might still occur. Many can be fixed at home, but others may require a hearing service technician. Try to fix the following common issues, or contact Creekside Hearing Aid Service for professional help:Hearing aids are not producing sound. Often, this indicates a dead battery or a clogged sound outlet. Try cleaning the sound outlet, replacing the wax filter and replacing the battery.Hearing aids produce feedback. Sometimes, this issue is as simple as an improperly inserted hearing device. Try removing and reinserting your hearing aids. If this doesn’t help, earwax might be to blame. Try changing the wax filter.The sound is unclear or distorted. Dirty contacts or a corroded battery often causes distortion. Wipe down the contact points and battery surfaces – if this doesn’t do the trick, replace the battery.When these troubleshooting tips don’t solve the problem, bring your hearing aids into the Creekside office for repair. Our staff performs routine maintenance as part of the Total Listening Care (TLC) Program. This is a simple way to ensure the performance and long service life of your hearing aid investment.The TLC Program offers the following services:Free hearing aid cleaningsFree hearing aid adjustments and/or programmingFree annual hearing aid evaluationFree batteries for four years from date of purchaseWhile the Creekside hearing specialists do their best to service your hearing aids, the damage can sometimes be beyond repair. You might want to consider upgrading to newer hearing aids depending on how long you have owned your current devices and if you’re dealing with costly repairs.Contact Creekside Hearing in Vacaville, CA, today at 707-317-1891 to schedule a hearing evaluation and hearing device repair. Together, we can decide if you need new hearing aids, and choose the ones that best fit your everyday needs.


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