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For years, Mayo Clinic’s name has been renowned as one of the best hospitals in the world. There are many contributing factors to the quality of care that Mayo provides. One obvious factor is the elite in the various fields being recruited for the hospital’s faculty. The mere mention of the word “Mayo Clinic” is familiar to almost every individual, and has become synonymous with superiority in the field of medicine.

As Chapter 4 delineates the method known as destination method, a healthcare marketer with a keen eye for sources of success would immediately take notice of this. Destination medicine is a brilliant method of time-consumption reduction; as one patient notes in the chapter, a period of five days was enough for the doctor using this technique to condense an enormous amount of diagnostic material and rapidly set the course of treatment soon after (p70).

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Patient satisfaction is key to the mode by which Mayo primarily derives new patients – ‘word of mouth’. Patient/Consumer satisfaction is essential to the success of business. To better understand the reasons for such a high rate of consumer satisfaction, chapter 4 looks behind the impressive facade of Mayo to the systematic methodology that enables the top-level care consistently offered. The focus on patients and healthcare providers lends a humanistic element not seen in many other hospitals.

Many hospitals are accused of treating patients like statistics and nameless entities with details solely gained for the purpose of differential diagnosis. One of the most unique elements of Mayo Clinic is the focus on individualized healthcare, face-to-face meetings with the doctors, and superior attentiveness given by the nurses. Each specialty has a high ranking for excellence. Nurses provide excellent, attentive care for their patients, their most notable quality is their efficient and detailed means of communicating with one another.

It is important, while assessing all of Mayo Clinic’s strengths, to acknowledge the weaknesses that the institution is able to overcome. One detractor is the inconvenient location of Mayo Clinic – located in Rochester, Minnesota. In this Midwestern state, the aggravated cold and lengthy distance from the major cities around the United States is one of the worst factors working against the increase of incoming business.

It is a long distance to travel just to get to the clinic; but the huge reputation of the clinic and its renowned excellence lets the remote clinic garner massive numbers of people from all over the world. When a patient is dealing with a life or death diagnosis and is in need of the best possible treatment, he will care little for the location of the place that has a high success rate and well-reputed treatment facility – two alluring factors that negates expense of treatment and lengthy travel when life or death decisions come into play.

There are other negative factors in Mayo as discussed in chapter 6. The faculty has complained about the confining policy known as the ‘trip policy’. This policy has the same number of vacation days allotted to doctors and scientists. This can often stifle the ability of some doctors to speak abroad about Mayo, thus limiting word-of-mouth. hospital also has a strict policy limiting the information placed on physician business cards. The strict dress code is also a source of discontent among the staff of Mayo.

Overall the success of Mayo Clinic is obvious and its structures and incredible reputation should serve as a business model for every healthcare institution. When viewing such success, it is important to discern what aids that success as well as finding areas of improvement to seize on in the healthcare business associate’s own facility. It is through the methodical learning from other successes that more successful corporations can emerge.


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