Health workplace health and safety began to decrease

Health and safety can be
defined as ‘the laws, rules, and principles that are intended to keep people
safe from injury or disease at work and in public places.’ A simple example of
this may be that whilst riding a bike in the dark it is advised that a person
should wear visible, bright clothing. However, many cyclists ignore this and
statistics show that over 15% of cycling deaths are related to a lack of
visibility in the dark. Many people in today’s society fail to realise the
importance of following the health and safety rules and regulations set by the
Health and Safety Executive.

Since the early 1800’s the
first health and safety act was formed in factories and since that time the
main role the Health and Safety Executive plays is to ensure the safety of
people and continue to develop and refine rules and regulations. During the
late 1900’s the standard of workplace health and safety began to decrease
severely and a major cause for this was the poor working conditions during the
industrial revolution. In this time period the main concerns were in relation
to the poor air quality and unsanitary working conditions. In 1975 the Health
and Safety Executive was formed, throughout this period of time a health and
safety legislation was enforced in all workplaces with an exception of those
who are regulated by local authorities.

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The Control of Substances
Hazardous to Health Regulations was introduced in 1988 and under these
regulations it is stated that employers must carry out a risk assessment to
protect employees from being exposed to hazardous substances. The risk
assessment must include a solution so that employees can be protected from
exposure to hazards which cannot be prevented and all of these records must be kept on file and regularly
updated when new equipment is being used. This act also states that all
employees must be made aware of potential hazards and receive health and safety
training to ensure all requirements are met.

Our task has been to complete
a risk assessment in a lab at Kingston University, after researching the
history of the Health and Safety Executive we have managed to understand the
lay out and safety measures we are required to carry out whilst taking part in
a lab, for example protective clothing and footwear. To further understand the
issues and the solutions to problems in the workplace, we have researched a few
work-related accidents and discovered what has gone wrong and many methods of
prevention for these accidents.


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