Health and Fitness Center for the family




Service Brand name

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Health and Fitness Center for the family

Product/Service name


Product/Service Description:


A health and fitness center designed specifically to:  (a) keep the whole family physically fit; (b) train the whole family about healthful food preparation; and (c) develop the whole family’s personality. This fitness center will       encourage making healthful habits a family affair.


Product/Service Benefits:


Has state-of-the-art facilities designed specially for health-conscious family members – moms, dads,  and kids

Overweight family members get special trainers and specially-designed equipment

Offers one-on-one or small-group trainings on personality development

Has a small do-it-yourself kitchen where the staff assist the whole family in preparing healthful meals and snacks

Located at the most accessible shopping store in Australia:  in selected branches of David Jones Mall.

Well-trained personal trainers attend to the needs of the whole family

Provides personally designed program for each of the family members

Offers special treats on Sundays

Consumer Benefits:


Clients will experience moral support and physical assistance while in the center because the staff are trained to make them feel that going to a fitness center is a family affair

Clients will gain confidence as they visit the center because of the optimistic and healthy atmosphere involving the whole family

Clients will acquire relevant health information during their visits

Clients will have higher self-esteem after taking personality enhancement trainings

The whole family will be able to spend `bonding moments’ in a fit and fun way

The whole family will enjoy each other’s company in the family-friendly and health-focused environment



While most health and fitness centers focus on keeping fit by exercising,  fhm offers other unique services that other similar centers cannot duplicate.



Focuses on three significant aspects of keeping fit and healthy:  work out, healthful diet, and personality development

Caters to the needs of the most important `person’ in the world:  FAMILY, not an individual, as many people believe so (VandenHeuvel, 1991).

Values family and promotes family values

Has specially designed facilities and equipment for overweight family members of all ages



Our Philosophy:

fhm ‘s philosophy can be summarized using this illustration:






















We believe that keeping fit is a family affair.  The family is the center of our service.  But we would like to emphasize that keeping fit and healthy is a process that can only be successful through exercise and proper diet, mixed with personality development.

EXERCISE.  All family members, regardless of age and weight, need appropriate exercise to keep themselves healthy.

PROPER DIET.  Work out pays off only when proper diet is observed.  fhm branches are located in malls in the key areas in the city.  The family members are encouraged to prepare and eat healthful meals or snacks after their work out, instead of going directly to fast food chains which are easily accessible in malls.

PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT.  Weight reduction or ideal body cannot be attained overnight so personality development can help the family members attain higher self-esteem to make them feel better about themselves and their bodies.





We offer physical and psychological work-out for the hard-working dads.  We offer trainings and exercises that can help busy dads get rid of stress, tension, and even anxiety caused by the corporate world dads is exposed to every day.







We offer relaxing and cozy gym and training areas both for the homemakers and the working moms.  Just like dads, moms are busy with daily lives’ concerns.  We offer valuable workout and training to recharge the tired moms.























The Creative Platform


The Target Market


Primary Target Market:          Busy moms and working dads with active lifestyle

Urban dwellers of Australia, specifically of Sydney

Achievers who are “deeply committed to work and family”           (SRI                                                   Consulting Business Intelligence).

Secondary Target Market:     Kids of busy moms and working dads

Couples and individuals who value physical and                                                                            psychological fitness

Overweight family member


Kids are considered secondary target market because they don’t have purchasing power although they may have power in family decision-making on purchase of items.

Communication Time Frame:        12 months

The Problem that Advertising needs to address:  Lack of steady market due to lack of awareness on fhm

We are introducing a new service industry so the campaign should be spread for a year in order to give ample time for the implementation of strategies.

Communication Objectives:

Using the Communications effects pyramid (Belch & Belch, 2007, p. 201), the campaign has the following objectives:

To create awareness among at least 90% of primary target market and 50% of the secondary target market

To create service knowledge among at least 70% of the primary target and 30% of the secondary target market

To create liking to at least 40% of the primary target market and 20% of the secondary target market

To create preference to at least 25% of the primary target market and 15% of the secondary target market

To induce trial among at least 20% of the primary target market and 10% of the secondary target market

To develop regular patronage among at least 5% of the primary and secondary target market



The big idea will be the basis of all our communication effort.  All advertisements should carry the big idea until fhm successfully gets a steady market.


Advertising Appeals and Communication Execution Strategies:

The campaign will be using different appeals for every objective listed.

1.   To create AWARENESS and KNOWLEDGE:

Informational appeal will be used in order to communicate to the target market the unique product and consumer benefits they will get from the services offered.  Specifically, GENERIC DESCRIPTION or FEATURE APPEAL will be employed in advertising messages.

To execute this appeal, we are using STRAIGHT SELL or FACTUAL MESSAGE.  The presentation of the benefits that the target market can get from availing of the services will be creatively done to achieve awareness among at least 90% of the primary target market and at least 50% of the secondary target market.


2.   To create LIKING and PREFERENCE:

Emotional appeal will be used by offering psychological reasons for service patronage.  Specifically, we will use POSITIONING using the salient attributes of fhm.  We believe it isn’t enough to highlight the benefits one can get from fhm.  As a new service provider in the country, we need to put fhm somewhere in the mind of the target market.  We are positioning fhm as the “reward for hard work.”  Thus, our campaign should carry the big idea that says, “THE REAL REWARD FOR HARD WORK IS NOT MONEY BUT A HEALTHY FAMILY.”  Knowing that Australian citizens value family, the way they value work, we decided to concentrate on the importance they give on their families.  Our tag line justifies and supports the big idea.  At the end of the body copy of our advertisement will be our tag line that says, “Because money’s not enough to pay for a healthy family.”

Using Leon Festinger’s COGNITIVE DISSONANCE THEORY, we will create dissonance in the minds of our primary target market so they will be persuaded to “do something” like availing of the services of fhm in order to reduce dissonance being felt (Griffin, 2005, p. 158).

To communicate this big idea, we will execute the message through SLICE OF LIFE.  Using this execution strategy, we will present a problem focused on health and family matters, then the solution offered by the ad in the end is availing of the services of fhm.

3.         To induce TRIAL and suggest REGULAR VISIT TO fhm:

A combination of informational/rational and emotional, we believe, will do the trick.  It is important to highlight both the physical features and the psychological benefits if we want the target market to visit and try the services at fhm and if we want them to go back and eventually become regular customers.  Specifically, we are using TRANSFORMATIONAL ads, which ought to “associate the experience of using (consuming) the advertised brand with a unique set of psychological characteristics which would not typically be associated with the brand experience to the same degree without exposure to the advertisement” (Belch & Belch, 2007, p. 271).

The execution strategy to be used will be TESTIMONIAL by an ordinary mom or dad

who will relate her or his experience on the personal impact of fhm on her/his family life.  The people who will be selected to deliver effective testimonials should be moms or dads in the corporate world like CEOs, managers, businessmen who are known to have busy schedule who find it hard to spare time for the real reward of hard work, which according to our big idea, is a healthy family.

This approach uses transformational strategy because we believe that only real people who presented TESTIMONIALS are entitled to “immerse” the target market with the idea of a positive impact of fhm.



The real reward for hard work is not money

but a healthy family.



Get your family back in shape before it’s too late.



Visit  fhm and find out how.



Because money can’t buy a healthy family.

SAMPLE BODY COPY (not sample print ad but copy only)

This copy aims to create a feeling of dissonance

among busy dads and moms who work hard

for money.  Get your family back

in shape before it’s too late

may be understood in two ways:  either

making the family physically healthy or

doing something about a family that might

be experiencing problems due to moms’ and dads’

lack of time for the family members caused by

hard work.


The Media Mix:

The campaign is expected to be carried out for 12 months.  But with several specific objectives and various strategies, we understand that the decision on the media mix is crucial (Baran, 2006).

We are devoting three (3) months on the first two objectives and four (4) months on the third and fourth objectives.  For the last two objectives, we are running the campaign for five (5) months.  We perceive that we need to devote more time on the last two objectives since they are more difficult to achieve.  But with concerted effort of the team, we expect to bring positive results through the plans on media strategies.
Media mix for objectives 1 & 2 (To create AWARENESS and KNOWLEDGE)

BUDGET ALLOCATION:  8,613.20 X 2 (frequency) = 17,226.40 AUD print ad placement for a city daily (
Within the first three months, we are placing adverts on city daily newspapers, particularly Sydney Morning Herald.  More specifically, we are requesting that our print ads using Generic Description be printed on lifestyle or main section of the newspapers.  The best media to carry our adverts for the first three months of the campaign will be city dailies because newspapers can carry ads with heavy text or description.  Being new in the market, we need to inform the target customers of the benefit they can get from availing of  fhm’s services.  Aside from newspapers, we are also targeting specialized magazines for moms and dads.   However. With the initial budget of 100,000 AUD, we are prioritizing placing print ads on a city daily.  A specialized magazine can also be a great tool in advertising because, just like newspapers, it allows high information content but unlike newspapers, it has superior reproduction quality – glossy pages, distinct colors, etc.  Lastly, we will penetrate the local market through outdoor ads.  Since we target the busy working class, outdoor ads can help us reach them repetitively—every time they pass by the area with our ad.


Media mix for objectives 3& 4  (To create LIKING and PREFERENCE)


Approaching the message through POSITIONING and executing using SLICE OF LIFE is creatively possible through the use of media with visuals.  For four months, we will penetrate TV but we’ll make sure that we’ll reach our primary target market.  To reach busy moms and dads with active lifestyle, we must sponsor programs aired during late fringe or during the news telecast on late nights.  We don’t expect busy parents to be in front of the television set during primetime although the secondary target market might be watching.  We’re buying airtime on primetime TV but most of our budget, which seems to be limited, for the third and fourth objectives will be spent on late night or late fringe shows.


Media mix for objectives 5 & 6 (To induce TRIAL and suggest REGULAR VISIT TO fhm):


This may be the most difficult objectives because if the first objectives were not reached, it will be harder to realize these final specific objectives.  To do this, we need to do more promotional tactics so we plan to launch trial session, give promotional coupons, strengthen referral system, and manage tie-ups with local companies.

We decide that TV will carry our TESTIMONIALS presented by ordinary moms and dads.  Aside from TV, we need transit ads to carry our adverts.  Transit ads guarantee repetitive exposure.  Guided by subliminal theory, a constant reminder on the advantages of using a product creates a notion that the product is worth trying out.  And the more people testify about the effectiveness of a product or service, the more that the market would believe that they, too, could benefit from the services of fhm.


Measuring the effectiveness of the campaign is a crucial part of the marketing campaign but with limited budget, we won’t afford expensive effectiveness measurement.  Since the service is new in the country, we shall monitor sales and relate increase of sales to effectiveness of the year-long campaign.  Also, we can use Recall tests to measure how far the adverts go in terms of reach.

With limited budget and time constraint, the campaign will be modified in case the objectives are not met at the end of the year.

Among the changes that will be implemented in case the initial campaign fails, would be making the approach more intimate and making the reach more local.  For local reach, the choice of outdoor ads and the use of personal selling might boost reach and sales.

Also, after a year, the objectives should be focused sales, no longer in terms of reach.


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VandenHeuvel, A. (August 1991).  The Most Important Person in the World: A Look at Contemporary Family Values, Family Matters.  29, pp 7-13, viewed 30 March 2008,


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