Health and Fitness

The human body is a very complex machine. Because it is so complex, taking care of it should be a number one priority. For thousands of years, physical activity has always been associated with health. The two just seem to go hand and hand. Today, science has confirmed the link, with an abundant amount of evidence that people who lead healthy, active lifestyles are much less likely to die at an early age, or experience major illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and any kind of cancer. The problem is most people just don’t think that their lifestyle habits are problem, when in many cases, they are.

True evidence shows that regular exercise can seriously increase levels of HDL, which is known as the “good” cholesterol, lower high blood pressure, and help improve body composition by burning fat. Exercising also promotes healthy blood sugar levels, promotes strong bone density, boosts the immune system, and greatest of all, speeds up the metabolism. However, there is no question that it is extremely difficult to change eating, as well as beginning exercise habits. There are many ways one can develop motivation to have a solid regimen of which to follow.

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Despite the strong case for staying active, many people find it difficult to adapt their daily lives to incorporate physical activity. With so many people driving cars on a daily basis, for everywhere they go, and the decline in the number of physically active jobs, about 70% of the adult population is sufficiently inactive. This classifies them to be “sedentary”. This is not a good thing for your body, at all. Being sedentary increases the risk of a heart attack or stroke, the same amount as if you were to smoke. Its seems, though, the threat of serious illness is often not enough motivation for people to change their habits.

People can make any changes in their lifestyle, but most have many excuses. Some of the reasons why people do not take up exercise include lack of time due to work or family commitments, cost of equipment or gym membership, lack of facilities nearby, and uncomfortable working out and being active alone. Many people are put off physical activity because they believe that only many hours on the treadmill, lifting heavy weights, or playing sports counts as healthy activity. However, substantial health benefits can be achieved from regular activity without the need for special equipment, sporting ability or having to break a sweat in the gym.

It was once said that walking for 30 minutes per day on most days of the week was perfect for leading a healthy lifestyle. But, new studies have shown that an average individual should get more like 90 minutes of exercise. That would truly do the body well. Regular activity can also improve the way you look and feel. When you combine regular physical activity with a healthy diet, you be able to maintain can help to maintain a healthy weight. You also have the benefit of boosting your self-confidence and reduce the risk of depression. Many people, who are overweight, go into chronic depression.

You don’t even have to be obese to be very concerned with how you look and feel. Of course, everyone is different, but for those who are not in a good state-of-mind, beginning a solid work-out regimen is the best thing you can do. Although many people love to add high intensity work-outs to their daily routines, for an adult, moderate intensity physical activity means using up about an extra 200 calories per day. This equates to about 30 minutes of activity, like a two-mile brisk walk. Or can achieve more burned calories by jogging or running, instead. During moderate intensity activity, you should still be able to talk without panting.

It is even possible to achieve your 30 minute target by making fairly simple changes to your everyday routine, without even joining the gym. Walking up stairs instead of using elevators, walking up moving escalators, walking instead of driving places, or riding a bike, are all way to keep yourself more active. When it is nice weather, jogging outdoors is the best form of activity you can do. It not only keeps gets you moving, but it is also very enjoyable because you can experience fresh air while you jog. You should set goals, both long and short term ones, for yourself, especially if you want to improve your stamina.

Everything is best to be completed slowly. When you are successful, that will provide you with a sense of satisfaction and further motivation to keep up the new lifestyle. If you really do want to add a good amount of physical activity and training to your daily life, joining a gym is, indeed a great idea. If the one thing that is stopping you is the cost of membership, there are things that you can change to make it work. For example, if you smoke, that should be the number one thing you stop. Not only is it extremely harmful to your heath, but it also takes an exorbitant amount of money out of your checkbook.

One pack of cigarettes coast roughly $5. 00 – sometimes more. If you smoke one pack a day, that is equal to nearly $2,000 a year. That is an enormous amount of money. Most local gyms will cost you between $30. 00 – $50. 00 per month. For the year, that runs about $360-$500. So you’re quitting smoking (also, in turn, immediately becoming more healthy), joining a gym, and SAVING yourself an estimated $1500 per year! Or another way to cut costs and save money is to walk or ride a bike to local places. You will get a great deal of cardiovascular exercise by doing this, and at the same, you will save on gas money.

With rising gas prices, this is certainly beneficial. When you change your life to be more physically active and healthy, the key is to make sure that you are happy and are having a good time. Doing activities that you enjoy will make you’re entire routine 100 times easier and more fun. Not everyone sees exercise as fun, and doing something that is boring just because it’s good for you is very difficult to sustain. However, there are ways to make the new activities more enjoyable. Before setting down a specific routine, try out all kinds of new sports or activities until you find something you really like.

When you find an activity you like, try exercising with a friend. Many people like to have “gym partners” if you belong to a workout club. This gives you the opportunity to become healthier, yet still spend time with your friends Also, a friend can act as a great motivator to you. Helping each other stick to the solid new routine makes everything much easier. When you ae working out, another great tool to use is music. Its great because it gets your blood pumping and motivated to keep going. In conclusion, changing your life for the better should only bring happiness to your daily schedule.

Although it may mean giving up things that you really enjoy, such as eating butter popcorn every night and watching movies for six hours a day, in the long run, you will most likely feel much better. You need to visualize exactly what your goals are. You need to set them, and stick to them, or else you will not be a very good routine for very long. After you come up with a great routine, the only hard thing to do is staying motivated. Never let yourself get bored, change up your activities, and have fun. Those are key ingredients to success at new way of life; A healthier, smarter and happier one.


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