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Each of us lives on big earth family, the earth provides us wealthy resources and energy . Nowadays,with rapid development of human science and technology, people crazy grab the earth’s resources, especially after the second industrial revolution accelerated the lighting industry and undoubtedly exacerbate the greenhouse effect and exhausted the earth energy.

people crazy mining coal to generate electricity, harmful gas and dust and coal combustion has aggravated the earth’s atmospheric pollution, incandescent invented by Edison let us get rid of the fear at dark night, at the same time the bulb surface containing a small amount of mercury and other toxic metals cause two pollution of water and soil and atmosphere, human have been aware that the earth’s environment is more and more limit. Low carbon environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction has been mentioned on the agenda.

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As the fourth generation of lighting appliance LED floodlight with energy saving and environmental protection have made an outstanding contribution, as we all know, the common incandescent lamp is on AC power, because the AC current frequency leads to frequent changes in current big loss, light source and transformation is flashing,, LED floodlights can solve the problem very well, because he and all the LED lighting, adopts low voltage and constant current drive, convert the alternating current into direct current, and use LED semiconductor light-emitting , not like incandescent tungsten filament consume a large amount of heat energy, convert electric energy into almost 100%light energy .

Moreover LED flood light emitted light is not flashing, not to stimulate the human eye, it also ensures that the light is soft, light source incandescent and energy-saving lamps general issued by infrared and ultraviolet, cause light pollution, brings pollution to earth environment and people’s lives, but LED floodlights’ semiconductor light without the infrared and ultraviolet and no light pollution. Above all, LED flood light greatly improves the energy utilization, the protection of the environment LED floodlights is unique in that it use high integrated COB as light source, relative to other LED lamps and the traditional lamp, it is more bright and have wide irradiation range, and waterproof and dustproof, so he is widely used in place of outdoor open lights, like square, parks, stations, stadiums.

The lamp body is made of high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy material, surface electrostatic spray high heat dissipation material, light does not produce electromagnetic radiation, so he can be a very good application in the airport to prevent electromagnetic radiation place.

It is worth to mention that it is made of high quality glass lampshade, strengthen the advantages of high definition and high temperature resistant and impact resistant, have longer time and wider range of lighting than ordinary light bulbs, because of high temperature shorten the service life of the bulb, however LED floodlights has a very good solution to this problem, the service life can be as long as 3000 hours, greatly reduce day repair cost and manpower, so he can be used in a few roads and railway tunnel.

Thanks to its high energy saving and soft colorful light source,we are widely familiar with LED flood lights and other LED lighting. Now, if you also upset by the high tariffs and learning and study under the incandescent and energy-saving lamps harsh light each, you have catch up with the progress of the times, the future of lighting will be the world of LED, because we need this energy saving lighting, there is more need to earth, because he can make the sky more blue, the earth more green.


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