Heal Africa Research

Upon my initial visit to HealAfrica. org, I was introduced to a very clean, well-organized web page. The page was laid out into several categories, amongst those categories were: Learn, Act, Give, Empowering Women, Cultivating Community, and Fostering Health. Each of these categories led you to a web page that elaborated more on the subject. I decided to navigate the page in order of which the subjects appeared starting with “Learn” and working my way to the last category, “Fostering Health. ”

I was glad to see that when I clicked on the “Learn” tab that there was a vast amount of information for me to read, simply because I was not initially very educated on the subject. While scrolling through the site I learned that HEAL Africa is a US based organization that is partnered with communities within the DR, which strive for the goal of transforming the role of women and restoring village life. The page also had subcategories where you could learn more in depth about the goals, missions, and accomplishments of the organization.

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The second page I decided to visit was the Act page, which is basically self-explanatory, the page lists all of the different ways that you can get involved and make a difference. One good method of involvement that I loved was, the opportunity to actually be able to host a fundraiser, such as “Walk For Congo” in your community and donate the earnings to HEAL Africa. Naturally, some people are not as willing to give their time and efforts to organization and that is understandable but they are willing to make monetary contributions- this is where the “Give” page comes into play. The page lays out all of the different ways you can donate monetary funds to the organization.

One thing that I thought was amazing about the way that HEAL Africa takes donations is that they let you choose what specific issue within the organization you would like to contribute to. The donation page has specific areas for many causes such as: General Fund, The Lyn Lusi Memorial Fund, Women, Community, and the Health (Mercy Fund)- the donations are tax deductible and extremely secure. Once I was done with getting more familiar with the site and briefly self-educating on the issues, I

was ready to read into the bigger picture that was outlined on the sidebar of the site into three categories: Women, Community, and Health. Amongst the three categories, the category about Women seemed to be the most detailed, for obvious reasons, and it was the only one of the three to actually have subcategories outlined. The subcategories, which I later found to also be the types of resources available to the Congolese women, were titled: Gender and Justice, Heal My People, Safe Motherhood, and Women’s Centers.

Due to the rising conflict, the numbers of rape victims within the DRC have reached rampant proportions. HEAL Africa provides these women with immediate resources such as emotional and medical attention, followed by years of counseling and education services in order to be able to start a “new” beginning.

All of this support from HEAL Africa in turn helps create a sense of pride and elevated community status for the women. As mentioned before, HEAL Africa provides support for the Congolese women with resources such as “Gender and Justice”, which basically states that women’s rights must be protected and respected, “Heal My People-“ a program that identifies rape victims and connects them with medical and emotional supplies, “Safe Motherhood-“ a program that offers support and proper prenatal care to expecting mothers and finally, Women Centers- a secure environment for access to counseling and medical care.

In conclusion, I was overall extremely satisfied with the flow of HealAfrica. org. The information was extremely informative and straight to the point.

I love that there was not a vast amount of unnecessary information available making it hard to access the heart of the website. I was able to navigate for subject to subject and never once did I get lost of begin to question what the organization really supported. I learned so much by reading the information provided, things that I never would have know by searching on Google- I would have received knowledge that did not relate. Although, I was thoroughly satisfied with the website, I was a little disappointed that there were not more illustrations or videos.

I feel that if you are provided with an applicable visual then the information conveyed could be that much more effective especially since we live in the world of YouTube videos and Podcasts. I feel like that addition could not only make the information more 1 / 2 interesting and more relatable but, it could possibly give the information a chance to go viral. As excited, as I am to have learned this information, it needs to be given a bigger voice and there is no telling what could be next for HEALAfrica. org. POWERED BY TCPDF (WWW. TCPDF. ORG)


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