Hawaii jobs, and trading opportunities. In other words,

Hawaii is a paradise. From its beautiful beaches to the lush
greenery, it is abnormal from the typical America in both physical
characteristics and emotional feel. It is seen as an escape from the
traditional hustle of American life. Because of this utopia-like status it is a
highly coveted tourist destination. Tourism can be a beautiful thing. With
tourism comes a stream of people, jobs, and trading opportunities. In other
words, it can strengthen an economy. Tourism can reduce the pressures put on
the poor and increase the state’s GDP. All objectively good things. However,
this completely discounts the damage cultural and social effects on Hawaii as a
result of tourism. Tourism may increase job opportunities, but it comes at a
cost. Job opportunities are increased because large numbers of people move to
and begin to develop industries in Hawaii. The development of certain
industries is not generally a bad thing, but the largest industries that
continue to grow in Hawaii are vacation corporations. These vacation
corporations destroy parts of the Hawaiian land to build large resorts. Large
resorts which, in turn, bring even larger groups of people that have no respect
or knowledge for Hawaii life or culture. This intrusion of non-native Hawaiians
has tipped the balance between tourists and Native Hawaiians. As history has
already told many, many times, stripping land from the Native people has never
had positive results for the land or those people. With these tourists comes an
erasure of the Native Hawaiian culture. When it hasn’t been forgotten or
replaced by more American culture, it has been exploited by the same vacation
corporations that have brought the tourists in the first place. Hawaiian
culture is no longer a treasured part of this beautiful diaspora, it has been
stolen and used by greedy corporations to further sell this image of the
beautiful Hawaii. As well as this erasure of Hawaiian culture, this wave of
tourism has also brought increased levels of crime. With larger populations
comes harsher and more frequent crime. This is exemplified by all the large
cities in America—New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston—where crime rates
tower over the smaller cities in America. Hawaii is not an exception to this
correlation between larger populations and increased crime. With the increase
in Hawaii’s population, crime rates—specifically against people and property—
have increased as well. The tourism that has supposedly bettered the community
of Hawaii, actually having ruinous effects. The negative effects of tourism in
Hawaii are numerous, from the degradation of Hawaiian culture to a rise in
housing costs, the disadvantages outweighing the benefits. Despite the clear
economic benefits, a rise in GDP and an increase in job opportunities, there
has been clear social and cultural deterioration. Where Hawaii was once a
beautiful land, tended to by the Native Hawaiians, and personified as “she who
gives birth to islands”, it has now become monetized its value simply in
reference to the economic growth it can produce. The land is no longer regarded
as a dear friend, instead all that is seen are dollar signs. This has negative
effects on the existing Hawaiian culture and the land itself. With thinking
like this the actual respect for the wellbeing and conservation of the land
completely disappears. There is no respect for the animals that have made their
life in the trees or the rivers, but instead a blind search to the highest
profit. This lack of consideration for the precise balance present in nature
has led to the global catastrophe that the American people are currently
experiencing. With a lack of balance in nature comes floods, forest fires,
global warming. Natural disasters sweep the earth like a plague when the
balance present in nature and nature itself is not respected. Treating the
world like it is replaceable is a terrible mistake that is already showing its
consequences, so treating Hawaii—a treasure of the world—like it is
replaceable, would be making the same 
hopeless mistake. Clearly, even in Hawaii, these consequences are
already being felt. The flora and fauna of Hawaii is being destroyed by the
growing presence of humans, livestock, and non-indigenous species’ that have
grown out of control. These stimulates the destruction spreading across the land,
killing the indigenous life that once existed there. There is also quite a bit
of pollution. Burning fossil fuels clouding the air and decreasing air quality.
The effects of human life on Hawaii have been detrimental. The paradise that
once existed, savored by the indigenous people, has now become overrun with the
worst aspects of American culture. The beautiful culture of Hawaii reduced to
opportunities for profit. Tourism has ruined the paradise that Hawaii formerly
was. The grasp of corporate greed squeezing the life out of it. Hawaii is a
dying paradise, tourism the stimulus of its death. 


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