Having that I will be given an opportunity

Having majored in spatial
planning in my undergraduate, I would like to continue with my studies in urban
planning concentrating on development transition. In my final year I did
research for my thesis in an urban slum in Kenya and this deepened my interest
in urban planning studies. Some of the problems I identified during my research
have affected development in urban slum community. Urbanization and industrialization
have factored in dynamics of spatial patterns and urban growth. I am motivated
to take this course to understand these changes and how we can embrace the
transition positively through flexible and inclusive planning and design.

At the university, I participated
in studio activities where I interacted with communities and their ways of life
in rural, urban and regional setups. In the studio work, I identified factors
that contribute to development of urban areas like trade centers, higher
learning institutions, transport routes and tourist sites. This experience gave
me an understanding on how developments can result to economic, environment,
economic and spatial changes; and how to develop sustainable plans to adapt
with the transition.

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I have chosen this course to gain
skills on planning policy instruments and concepts that can be used to develop
sustainable urban areas that cohesively adapt with the changes resulted by
development.  I want to learn how to
apply these policies and concepts to promote development of sustainable urban
areas. These skills will enable me make the best decisions in urban planning
practice and be a sustainable urban leader to solve challenges resulted by rapid
urbanization and globalization.

In future, I see myself working
in the urban and physical planning sector in Kenya. I would like to be part of
a team that analyzes the changes in urban areas and the address the challenges
that result from rapid urban development through proper planning. The skills
obtained from your institution will highly contribute to achieving my career
objectives which I will apply in development activities in my country. Further
to my masters in urban planning, I would like to conduct research on growth and
development of informal settlements and how they affect urban settings.

I am aware of the excellent
research areas that students are exposed to, variety of teaching methods and high
reputation of your institution. I believe that Oxford Brookes University is the
best place to achieve my career objectives and professional guidance in
developing transitional regions. I am looking forward to be an urban planner
with skills in urbanization, globalization and urban policies to contribute to
sustainable development in urban set-ups. It is my hope that I will be given an
opportunity to realize my vision for urban areas in Kenya through this scholarship




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