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Have you ever though for a minute what you are actually eating when it is picked from the ground, pulled off a tree, or even dug up from the ground after it is genetically modified by scientists? Many people also think that when the crops or food is genetically modified that it is automatically bad for the body, because of all the toxins and the process. Genetically modified food, it is crops that are created for human or animal consumption using techniques and knowledge. This technique is not to harm anyone or even try to hurt anyone. This technique is to basically get something new started for the future. Instead of people getting mad that their garden or crops are getting attacked, they will  not have to worry about that problem as much. The first genetically modified food had come across when Calgene first marketed its unsuccessful unripe tomato. More than 80% of the crops have grown all over the world  have been tested for herbicide tolerance and engineered. To begin, there are only a few crops that are actually genetically modified. Many farmers have tested out corn as a huge crop to have genetically modified, considering that corn and corn fields are so big, and several different species like to live there. Corn also, are modified, so that they’re resistant to herbicide glyphosate. Herbicide glyphosate is used to destroy weeds. Another major crop scientists test on is Soy. Soy is the most common genetically modified food in the United States. Soy after it is finished being modified has a high level of oleic acid. Oleic acid has fatty acid that lowers cholesterol and Omega 9. Sugar Beets, also are a huge crop that scientists genetically modify. Genetically modified sugar beets make up half of the the sugar production in the United States. The big picture of all of this genetically modified foods are crops, or things that you are able to grow. There are many advantages of Genetically modified food. The first advantage would be insect resistance. This is an advantage, because there is a toxic in the food ( safe for humans) it makes it possible to repel insects. The advantage would be stronger crops. Crops are being made to be more strong, and scientists are making it possible to let crops withstand any weather type. Soon many crops soon will be able to withstand snow, heat, rain, hail, and even storms. “One advantage of using genetic engineering is to help crops adapt to these sudden changes. So, that new varieties can be created quickly. For example, it takes at least 15 years to produce different variety of potatoes. Genetically modified potato takes less than six months”( Rotman). Environmental protection is also an advantage. The increase of genetically modified crops often require less time, less tools, and less chemicals. Often people do not think that genetically modified crops or food is safe. First of all, they are safe. People think that the toxins in these crops are harmful for the body, but they’re only bad for insects and other species that try to eat them. The FAO has set science based standards, guidelines, and practice called Codex. Codex includes biotechnology and genetic engineering. Many Governments use Codex to get regulations and recommendations. They also write regulations and recommendations. “Agriculture is today the world’s leading environmental problem. It pollutes, and it is largely responsible for the fact that our species, one among millions, claims 40 percent of all the plant biomass the planet produces each year. We must fundamentally redesign agriculture if the human enterprise is to continue. We will do so not by turning away from biotechnology but by looking as deeply as we are able into the microscopes and into the core design of life. We will find not just the techniques we need, but some of the wisdom to guide them” (Manning). Close to two decades the genetically modified crops provide all of the safety and approvals needed. Genetically modified food will help the world in the future. To begin, this will help everyone with better water quality and air quality, which will benefit people’s personal health. With better water quality and air quality it will help your bodies by breathing in more fresh air, drinking filtered and pure water, and not breathe in dirty and polluted air.This helps farmers with producing greater amounts of crops and food. “Genetically modified potatoes could also lead to a new generation of biotech foods. Though transgenic corn, soybeans, and cotton, mostly engineered to resist insects and herbicides. These have been widely planted since the late 1990s in the United States and in other large agricultural countries, including Brazil and Canada. The corn and soybean crops go mainly into animal feed and cooking oils” (Rotman). In the future genetically modified crops will have developed by 70% by the year 2050 based on population growth with many other developing economies. “Future GM organisms are likely to include plants with improved resistance against plant disease or drought. Crops with increased nutrient levels, fish species with enhanced growth characteristics. For non-food use, they may include plants or animals producing important proteins such as new vaccines” ( Rotman). Genetically Modified food will be such a huge impact on our economy in the future. Different kinds of foods will eventually have a bigger variety. The advantages will soon be more reliable. The safety issues will be more confirmed and there will be more technology to help us in the future.


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