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Have you ever felt sad? Not just for a day or a week but all the time? All day every day? If you have, you may have depression, a kind of mental illness. Childhood depression is a real problem. Though many people don’t believe in it, many children and youths are diagnosed with depression and many of them will commit suicide. It is a problem in many first world countries such as Canada, the U.S.A, and Australia.Depression is caused by many different ways. Often children and youths affected by depression are bullied at school. A study by the American government in September 2017 showed that students who were bullied at school were more likely to be depressed or to have anxiety than students who were not bullied. Naturally, there are other factors in this such as whether they have a stable and supportive home environment and whether there is a history of mental health issues in their family. Sometimes, children and youths who are depressed will commit suicide. Children under the age of fifteen are unlikely to commit suicide but many carry their depression with them into their adult lives. In Canada, suicide is one of the leading causes of death for 15-24-year-olds, claiming over 4000 lives per year. In Australia, more young people die from suicide than from car accidents. This is a major problem. If these young adults had received help in their childhood and early adolescence, there would be far fewer deaths.Some people may not believe depression is a serious condition for children and young adolescence saying that they’re too young or that it’s just a phase. They’re wrong. Children and youths under fifteen are just as likely to have depression as people in their late teens or adulthood. A study by BeyondBlue, an Australian mental health institute, shows that one in every 35 Australian children aged 4-17 have experienced depression of some kind. That’s 2.8% of the population of that age group and over 112,000 children. If you are diagnosed with depression at a young age there is a 49% chance that you will commit suicide before turning 25. Childhood depression is a serious problem for the youth of this world. We must raise awareness and help our young people to deal with depression, lower suicide rates and to help lower the depression and suicide rates for generations to come. We owe the future of our race that much.


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