Have 50 great starting bike with some training

Have you ever felt the urge to go find new places?  In this world there are many things that you don’t necessarily see or feel when you are driving down a road in a truck/ car.  But when you’re riding, racing or just trail riding with your buddies you feel free from everything. You see more of the outdoors that you wouldn’t see when you’re in a truck or car.   Which is great if you like being outside or near wilderness. Parents should push something on their kids like this; The younger generations are detached from existing, from all of the video games and social media. Dirt Bikes are a great way to get them outdoors and they are actually a great source of exercise for your body, and really fun. Kids today are so reliant on technology, needing instant gratification and constant entertainment. If you want to protect their health, there are articles that have said that increased screen time is associated with higher rates of childhood obesity, behavior problems, ADHD, poor sleep quality which could lead to serious health problems – cardiovascular issues, arrhythmia, high blood pressure, or diabetes. poor physical activity and poor school performance. Growing up as a kid, we had some technology around but I still preferred playing outside.  If you as a parent are concerned about your kids being a video game addict, and couch potato that watches tv and plays on their phone all day everyday that doesn’t have many or any friends. You should really consider, introducing the dirt bike to them when they’re young it’s a great way to get your kids outside breathing fresh air and having the time of their lives. I started riding when I was 3 years old, on a little pw 50 great starting bike with some training wheels. Ever since then I haven’t stopped its my happy place for everything helps me let go of the bad and releases the good in myself. This summer, or at any time make a solution to this problem, make time for your children, go out and get them a brand new dirt bike instead of a brand new iphone. By doing so, you’ll not only create more memories with your children, you’ll also help improve your family’s well-being.   There are many types of dirt bikes, different sizes of the bikes and different types of racing.  There are many things that go into dirt bikes and how they work/ make them better to go faster, suite them for the racing that they are doing. Dirt bikes can also bring families together by going out and riding together which is a blast.Not all people use dirt bikes for sports. They use them to get away from everything and anything, they can find their happy place when they ride. They can go out into the woods and find old trails to ride, or they could go off the trial and braze a trial themselves and find new cool stuff that they have never seen before; I personally love doing that myself. I go down the road and there’s a wide open field that I can go across and give my dirtbike some hell and just get the biggest rush of my life, feeling free from everything and just riding with my buddies nothing feels better in the world. Finding different trails going through the mud is a great way to find happiness.  There are many different brands and sizes of dirt bikes. The brands are, Suzuki, Kawasaki, KTM, Honda, Husqvarna, and Yamaha and they are all great running machines and they each have their advantages and disadvantages.  For example, the Husqvarna company is mostly known for all of their motorcycles stand out because of their light weight design, great traction and powerful engines. They are also stylish and visually appealing. Interestingly, Husqvarna began its foray into two wheeled vehicles by making bicycles, from there they branched out to producing dirt bikes. Now, Husqvarna dirt bikes are popular and in high demand with younger riders who like the look and feel of dirt bikes. The reliable engines and inexpensive parts also help to make these bikes popular. It is no surprise that KTM makes an attractive dirt bike, it is still a relatively young company, KTM was started in 1992 in Austria. Yet in less than 25 years, KTM has established itself as quite a popular dirt bike brand around the world. Their innovative technologies and wicked designs have drawn legions of fans in the dirt bike community. The KTM Sport Motorcycle has been one of the company’s top selling dirt bikes since its first iteration back in 2004, rivaling even the Duke series of road motorcycles that the company makes. The four stroke engine and rear swingarm on the Sport Motorcycle make it great for racing even in forested areas. Plus, it is hard to argue with this motorcycles good looks and styling. A very appealing dirt bike from any angle.Kawasaki is a legendary motorcycle company in every aspect, while it is known for making street, touring and racing motorcycles, they also manufacture an impressive line of dirt bikes.  Like all motorcycles branded with the Kawasaki moniker, the company’s dirt bikes are rugged, durable and pack a punch. They also have outstanding handling, suspension and torque. Great for racing on any type of dirt track, Kawasaki dirt bikes are good for beginners and experienced riders. A legendary dirt bike that is always fun to drive and never gets old to race.What tends to set Honda dirt bikes apart from the crowd are its strong, powerful and durable engines. People who choose Honda dirt bikes praise the smoothness of the ride, along with the power and pick-up of the vehicles. As with all vehicles made by Honda (cars or motorcycles) their dirt bikes have exceptional engineering and are known for stability and not breaking down. Those aspects alone are worth their weight in gold to many dirt bike enthusiasts. Like Honda, Suzuki is a large scale Japanese auto manufacturer.  Motorcycles are the company’s livelihood. Headquartered in Hamamatsu, Japan, Suzuki is one of the ten biggest manufacturing companies in the whole world. But Suzuki’s focus and backbone continues to be producing all makes and models of motorcycles, this includes dirt bikes and four wheelers. Suzuki also produces standalone motorcycle engines, and has a global presence in the motorcycle industry and when it comes to dirt bikes, Suzuki is one of the top brands. Their DR-Z400 and DR-650 bikes are exceptional, and some people refuse to ride any other type of motorcycle. As well as their dirt bikes being among the best for training beginners. Many top dirt bike riders have learned to handle a motorcycle on a Suzuki. These dirt bikes are economical and have a reputation for needing little maintenance.  At last, Yamaha is the best rated brand and the best dirt bike manufacturer, with the best reputation. Yet another Japanese company, Yamaha has earned a reputation over the decades for being a leader and an innovator when it comes to producing dirt bikes.  They are a truly diversified manufacturing company. Yamaha has made dirt bikes since the company was founded in 1955. Today, dirt bike enthusiasts and racers all around are always excited when a new Yamaha dirt bike comes on the scene. Popular Yamaha dirt bikes include the YZ-250, the WR-250-F and the YZ-125. With the way they are built, being light weight and smaller in size, these are dirt bikes that have won numerous races, and which riders love. Exceptional handling and suspension puts the Yamaha brand of dirt bikes in a league of their own. They are one of the very best dirt bike makers in the world. All of the sizes of the dirtbikes range from 50cc, 65cc, 85cc, 125cc, 250cc, 350cc, 450cc, and 500cc.Dirt bike safety is really important, even if you think you’re the fastest or smoothest person on the plant there can always be bad injuries. If you’re new to offroad riding you should become educated on the safety around dirtbikes before you go out and ride for the first time and find yourself face first in dirt. Which isn’t very good.    There is plenty of riding gear that can keep you from getting hurt. There is the helmet, goggles, neck brace, chest protector, A hydration pack,undergear shorts, knee braces, moto socks, and lastly boots. First off don’t go off and by a bicycle helmet from walmart or something you need to get a good helmet that is certified. “A good helmet is absolutely critical to have if you are you’re a dirtbike, as this is what protects your head, so be sure to get a quality helmet that fits properly and wear it with properly secured everytime you ride”(Adrenaline-Fix) because if you fall and hit your head and it’s not secured it can fly off your head. A good set of Goggles is imperative for eye protection, as well as for keeping irritating dirt & dust out of your eyes but when purchasing goggles, be sure to get some compatible tear-offs, as these can provide you with a new field of clear vision in an instant after getting pelted with a face full of roost. Neck donuts were once the best option for protection against neck injuries but neck donuts have been proven to be worthless and don’t work at all, so a high quality neck brace is imperative as the current neck braces can do a tremendous job of reducing the likelihood of a serious and debilitating neck injury. There are many different styles of chest protectors available and the use of one is highly recommended as a chest / back protector (also advertised as a “Roost Deflector”) can help dissipate the energy generated in a crash helping to protect internal organs & other body parts from impact damage. Maintaining proper hydration is a must if riding off-road, or cranking out long moto’s, as a drinking system can carry fluids that are easily consumable when riding and critical for long rides.  Under gear shorts are good to have as they help prevent chafing and irritation when riding, as well as sparing others the sight of having to see you running around in your underwear at the camp or pits when changing between riding gear and street clothes or vice versa. Knee braces are a product designed for dirt bike safety that anyone who rides a dirt bike should have, as most who ride on a regular basis, won’t ride without knee braces after a 1st use and although pricey, knee braces are an excellent piece of protection to consider. Moto socks are a great invention and something to have as they help prevent chafing and irritation from use of knee braces, as well as providing a little extra padding and comfort around your foot while wearing motocross style boots. A pair of quality motorcycle boots are highly recommended as using these in place of a standard boot can offer a lot more protection to your lower leg, ankle and foot area and should not be left off of your list.”One of the number one dirt bike safety tips that is also the easiest to remember is to never ride alone, especially if you are riding off-road type of disciplines. Additionally, as mentioned below, ‘Don’t Ride Over your Head’ is another good one, and ‘Dress for the Crash, Not the Ride’ is still another, but still yet, another excellent dirt bike safety tip would be… Don’t sit around watching ‘Jump Videos’ such as Nitro-Circus then go out and try to duplicate what they are doing without prior experience in hucking these monstrous gaps”. Parents, if you’re worried about the safety of your kids and not let them ride, I get it but there are tons of things that you can get them so they will always be safe when they ride.Dirt bike riding has always offered a great way to strengthen your body, grow mental acuity, sharpen dexterity and learn how to compete. The whole family is needed for support for the rider when competing. Parents play many roles in supporting the rider, coaches, drivers, cheerleaders and more times than not, mechanics. Like any other sport, it requires dedication and practice, if the rider doesn’t put time in practicing and time on their bike, there is no real point in trying to compete because no one is “that good.” If the whole family is into riding, the family could go out and share a childhood pastime while at the same time, the rider is practicing riding and really getting to know their machine. A valuable lesson a rider can take away from racing besides basic controls of a bike, is good sportsmanship as well as learning basic mechanics of their machine. Yet another lesson that is taken away from riding and competing is the importance of safety and the reasons behind certain rules and regulations.Motocross is a physically demanding sport, it requires racers to maintain optimum health at all times. Unlike most sports which require obvious physical effort, motocross appears deceptively easy to the uninitiated. When children discover how physically demanding it can be and the lengths racers go to in order to stay in the best shape possible, they realize how important good health really is even for those activities which may not appear to require it and later on in life helps them encourage healthy lifestyles.  In addition to exercise and a healthy lifestyle, good posture on a bike is crucial.  Riding and racing dirt bikes teaches the riders how to work hard for the things they want.  This is because buying a dirt bike is quite a bit more money than a basketball or a baseball and a glove.  Riding a machine with a clutch increases hand-eye coordination as well as dexterity due to the rider being required to operate more than one control at the same time.  It teaches kids and young adults of regular maintenance, if you keep up regular maintenance on your bike it will always be running properly. Some other values learned in racing are losing with dignity as well as winning with grace.  This is because when kids see other kids their age or around their age coping with a major loss, they learn how to cope with loss as well and when they do finally win, they will remember how good it feels and push themselves for their next race.  Racing teaches kids how to work on themselves rather than trying to blame it on a team like that in another sport. Young adults who race, learn that there is no one else to blame but themselves if something goes wrong.  This teaches self realization and teaches the rider how to improve their technique, as well as real life situations.  Kids will learn to recognise their possible faults in any situation and try to better themselves.   In conclusion, riding dirt bikes is not only fun, it is a great form of exercise and it brings families closer together.  There are also many health benefits down the road for kids who are outside and not playing video games or are constantly on their phones, inside.  Even if a dirt bike is purchased, there isn’t a need to ride it for sport, just going out and riding with friends is one of the best things in the world.  Riding out and making your own trail is extremely therapeutic and is a great way to clear the mind.  


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