Good take away from module 1 let me

Good morning all,

First and foremost we all know why we are here today, so with that said, I’m beginning with a simple, heartfelt and a well-deserved thank you.

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When we share our stories, what it does is, it just opens up our hearts for others to share their stories and it gives us the sense that we are not alone on this journey.

So, here I’m today to narrate my story which is all the way crossing the lines between coder and programmer.

As far back as dawn can remember, I always dreamt of becoming a veterinarian. It all started when an abandoned puppy touched me for the first time. Now, we grew to be best friends though!

Sadly, I couldn’t live my dream to reality.

Like, it’s often said, when life gives you lemons make lemonade, made me go ahead on this journey.

3 years ago when I started my journey as a computer Science student my academics were actually in the way they have to, as days passed when we got settled with our academics, we were introduced to WISE.

Panic-stricken eyes, increased pulse rate, sweaty palms, well, this was me in my first wise class. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I call that as a turning point.

Moving ahead, as modules passed, I still remember my first module C, we have seen C in a different manner when compared to our routine academics. Apart from programming, we were taught many things from how to talk, to what and why to talk. This being my major take away from module 1 let me move ahead to module 2.

It was all about python, this period of time was the most beautiful period ever. The same college, same labs, same students but all that differed was the way we beautifully accepted the change. Change is that usually, we come to college by 8 and leave by 4 but, during this period of a module, though we came to college by 8, we never thought of the end of the day. Before module 2 it was all about competition among us, but during this period, we learnt that certain things will get along well only with teamwork rather than individual competitions. I believe this is to be the major take away from almost all my batch mates.

As I got promoted through different modules, I learnt, in fact, we learnt many new things, programming is just a part of our learnings.

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think, quoted by Albert Einstein remained as a quote until WISE happened to me. The story behind me, stating this is my recent experience. 5 days ago, when I stood in the long line of about 300 members in Ramakrishna math for German admission, I stood between 2 students who belonged to 3rd year CSE, when one of them turned up to me and asked about my college details and all, our conversation began and went up to my domain I chose for MS. Sadly, they had no idea about which domain to choose and why, when I told them about Gartner and Forester they had no clue about it. Women being talkative our conversation went on, when they finally, asked me, how was I aware of these things, I had only one thing in my mind and that was WISE.

In conclusion, though I couldn’t live my dream of being the vet to reality, now I can provide a software solution to the animal shelters which can, in turn, help millions of stray dogs which is my ultimate goal. This is how I made my lemonade out of lemons which life threw at me. All thanks to WISE for making me this capable.   


I'm Harold!

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