Globalization you do things that good and can

Globalization is all about the connection of every
individuals and business across the world. That will lead to global, cultural,
political and economic integration. It is the ability to get communication and
move easier with every people in the world. In order for them to create
businesses internationally.

 Globalization was
embracing new, coined in 1970’s. there are three things which are attributable
to get easily the information and to spread the globalization, which is the
airplane, the telephone, and the internet. Due to the increasing of demand in
the high tech industry all over the world. Business industry has many ways to
commit large profits in working globally.

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Nowadays Globalization is the most important thing for
senior high school students or we are called it a students in higher education
to learn and to appreciate it. Because of the higher demand in business in one
industry and it is because they needed more people who can work with other
people in other countries or nations. In the other hand the world faces of
global challenges needs to have an educated groups to solve their problems.

They needs to provide the clean water for every individual
in this world and have a cleaned renewable energy that is affordable. This
problem is globally need to solve through the unity of everyone, gathered
everyone and sharing knowledge across interdisciplinary institutions and other
communities on a global protection.

To work the institutions and to solve the challenges in
globalization it needed to create meaningful relationships with every
individual. To collaborate in different international groups. The most
important role of the senior high school students is on how to pursue important
activities in globalization to maintain the good affection to everyone. And to
have more learning about globalization to have confidently teaching with
everybody and it will made by discussing the best practices in different areas.


The role of senior high school in globalization is very
rampant nowadays, because this is the modern history in the world right now. In
everything that we do is it is also the one who affect in our globally problems
or it can be good to our globalization. Every student nowadays was searching of
what is their role in this world. They search oh how to have a good practicing
good doing that cannot give harm in globalization.

They pursuing activities that will lead them to achieved
one goal and that is helping our globally challenges. And it helps also to you
when you do things that good and can be part of your institution. And it helps
people in your surroundings to have knowledge of it. Say for example you have
an institutions and you create an activity in different places because you and
your group was wanted to teach the proper organization on how to help the

Pursuing activities is the most important thing to give
awareness with every individual to help the globally problems, the research of
senior high school students was also the most thing that can help to the
globally problems. Children, parents, teachers, workers, etc. was the one who
create an organization to help our globalization.

This will be part of our life we are need to organized our
doings, people is the one who do things that can give effect to globalization.
The role of the senior high school in globalization was, searching, teaching,
and helping to those people who stayed in globalization.


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