Genesis all his creation and said, “It was

Genesis 1:1 says, “In the beginning
God created the heavens and the earth.” God created the waters that separate
the land, the birds and the animals that we see everyday, our solar system, the
trees and the plants, and most importantly he made man. God made man to rule
over the earth and to name the animals that he created. God saw that man was
without a helper and he made a woman. God took a rib from Adam, the first man,
while he was asleep and made a beautiful creation, woman.

On day one God created light,
separating the light from the darkness, calling light “day” and darkness
“night.” On day two God created the heavens, separating the sky from the water
below it. On day three God created the dry land, calling it “earth,” by
gathering the waters together. On day four God created the sun, moon, and
stars. On day five God created all the animals in the sea and all the birds
today. On day six God created all the land creatures and man. Finally on day
seven, God rested from all the work and made that day the Sabbath. God looked
at all his creation and said, “It was good.”

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Abiogenesis is the original evolution of
life or living organisms from inorganic substances. There are different views
on abiogenesis and some of the views are more on the biblical side. One person
cannot prove creation, because there are always contradictions on whether life
was in the world the whole time or whether there was no life in the beginning. Scientist
Charles McCombs and Stanley Miller have done many experiments concerning
creation and they both have their theories.

Charles McCombs did an
experiment adding a mixture of
methane, ammonia, hydrogen, and water vapor. He passed the mixture through an
electric discharge to simulate lightning. At the end of the experiment, the
products were found to contain amino acids. Since amino acids are the individual
links of long chain polymers called proteins, and proteins are important in our
bodies, reporters said that there was laboratory evidence that now proved life
came from chemicals.

Stanley  Miller of the University of Chicago applied
electrical sparks to a combination of ammonia, methane, hydrogen, and water in
a sealed flask. One week later there appeared to be amino acids.  Amino acids are only a building block to
proteins which are building blocks to life. The process failed to produce life,
yet it revived the concept of abiogenesis. Some scientist today believe in
these theories and conduct many experiments to prove that they are right.

You might believe some
other theories of how the earth was created, but they all have reasons to not
believe them. The Bible says, “The earth was formless.” Scientists say that
there was an earth and life in the earth in the beginning. How can there be a
formless earth and a earth with life? You have to choose betwen life and no
life in the beginning .

Some of the problems
with the theories are that whenever Charles McCombs conducted the experiment he
made amino acids. Amino acids are a building block for proteins, but they have to
have life in order to react upon and they need more acids to make life. Whenever
amino acids are made, they turn into proteins and help build our bodies.

Another problem in the theories
is that whenever you conduct an experiment, you have to repeat the experiment.

The scientists conducted the experiments and they succeeded but, it didn’t
prove life in the beginning. Many things can go wrong when it comes to
chemicals.  You can add too much of one
substance and it makes it into another product.


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