Furthermore, abortion initially than if they received one

Furthermore, in the case of Roe vs Wade,
the Supreme Court found that a woman’s right to make her own decisions about
her pregnancy deserves the highest level of constitutional protection (Planned
Parenthood, 2014).

Efficiency criteria is utilized for policy
alternative #2, which states that having a safe conducted, legal abortion
procedure is proven to reduce maternal injury and death. This alternative
demonstrates that benefits, outweigh the actual cost, as well as long term
effects that can occur because of unsafe procedures.  According to the World Health Organization(WHO),
an estimated 20 million unsafe abortions take place every year. Worldwide, at least
68,000 women die annually from complications from such procedures. While
another estimated 5 million women per year suffer long-term injuries. The ratification
of abortion can permit women to get timely abortions, consequently reducing the
risk for complications in many cases.

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it comes to the effectiveness criterion, this is utilized in policy alternative
# 3, which suggests that women who receive abortions are less likely to suffer
from mental health problems than women denied abortions. Currently, mental
illnesses have exponentially become the height of every conversation globally.
Mental illnesses have been proven to be the cause of deaths by way of suicide,
and homicides within the United States. According to a University of
California, San Francisco, study, more than 1,000 women seeking abortions
reported that women seemed to feel much more emotionally stressed if they are
denied an abortion initially than if they received one upon request (Sifferlin,
2016). This study confirms that being denied an abortion may have some serious
implications leading to mental illness. Another study also concluded that women
receiving an abortion experience less short-term anxiety and low self-esteem than
women who are denied them (Becker, 2016).



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