Furthermore, a contemporary world. Also, to discuss the

Furthermore, “the growth and
development of artificial intelligence has evolved surveillance technology into
transmitting voice identification: surveillance cameras in China can instantly
identify someone within seconds” (reference from YT vid). China and its
staggering amount of surveillance use: facial recognition, is in “high demand
and is used by the Chinese government more frequently than anywhere else is the
world” (reference this). My focus in this study is to investigate and research the significance and impact
of surveillance on people in China, as well as the factors contributing
resistance between the government and the society. The discussion of these
topics and the methods used in accomplishing the research aims will be
contemplated thoroughly in this study.


Additionally surveillance
technology is constantly growing within China, the potential of the Chinse
government having more data on their citizens is higher than before. “China has
the world’s largest video surveillance in the world that has enabled them to survey
and monitor their people” (add reference
from YT vid). According to Welcome
To The Surveillance State: China’s AI Cameras See All, the surveillance camera expectation rate varies to “have a
network of 176 million surveillance cameras and are expected to shift to having
626 million surveillance cameras” HuffPost
UK. (2018), in the nearer
future. This dramatic measure of surveillance use will have access to all
areas, which means the watches behind the cameras will have ultimate control on
people more than ever.

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My aim in this dissertation is to
discuss the shift of surveillance and its development in a contemporary world.
Also, to discuss the trend of using surveillance technology in a specific area:
society in China. In China the nature of being surveyed, makes them feel secure
as they are aware of their safety and prone to think these machines are keeping
them protected. The degree of using surveillance has made the Chinese
government superior amongst all people of China. From my point of view, “China
surveillance system, the use of facial recognition and improvement of
artificial intelligence, has given the authority the advantage to always have
an eye on people and all their activities. It has created privacy issues and
control over anyone under the Chinese government eye, which considers a danger
to their vast way of living”(HuffPost UK, 2018).

On the contrary the authority has now changed this to control
people, surveillance is now spread worldwide and all humans within penitentiaries
and this society are now exposed to surveillance technology: vison machines
such as CCTV and facial recognition are now more advanced, places in open
public areas, institutions and even working environments, have now been
familiarised with these surveillance machines (ref this). People are also surveying each other: as vision
machines we have become more immune to this lifestyle. people are highly
monitoring others on a day to day basis, the whole economy have become more accustomed
to the system of surveillance, the majority have accepted this as the norm of their
daily lives.


The word surveillance derives from
the French verb ‘surveiller’ which means to keep watch”(ref). Michel Foucault
concept of physical punishment and the power to controlling people, has
drastically changed to technology surveying people. It has shown the importance
of power and the controlling impact it embeds on society. According to an
online blog on Surveillance and Crime
Control, Michel Foucault theory was typically used in the 18th
century, to allow authority to control prisoners. Never the less the surveillance
system used within penitentiaries, soon became more of a mass surveillance for
the society. Gradually the new
system of the Panopticon building developed in the late 19th century:
the panopticon tower was built in the centre of prison which kept the prisoners
conscious that they were being monitored for their behaviour and were under continuous


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