From difficulties. Further we will use Ulrich’s three-legged

From Four-Frame Model I found out about four key frames to build or rebuild successful organization. Two frames which are important for us are:

·       Structural Frame – Problem arises when the structure does not fit the situation.

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·       Human Resources Frame – Challenge is to tailor organization to people –find a way for individuals to get the job done while feeling good about what they are doing.

As I think in this case are two main problems. First of all, its HR structure division and second difficulties in communication between workers and HR executive. As was noted in case study Staff Association has no rights and no influence in the company, this may be another serious issue. Before reconstruction there were only 4 regions with 180 branches and 1800 employees, as for me decreasing this number and dividing it on 6 instead of 4 regions was a nice idea; as it became easier to manage and we will have clearer picture on situation and certain divisions which have difficulties. Further we will use Ulrich’s three-legged model to describe changes which need to be done to recreate previous success of the firm.   

Management Changes

Ulrich’s the three-legged model

This model for organizing the human resource function was developed by the influential US academic, David Ulrich. Ulrich suggested that in large organizations, the (previously integrated) HR function should be divided into three segments.

v Shared service activities should be concentrated in a call-center with supporting internet to provide administrative and basic support functions to the remainder of the business. These tasks, previously performed locally by divisions or business units, are re-engineered, streamlined and centralized, so the various business units pool resources and “share” in the service delivery solution. This offers cost benefits through economies of scale.

v Business partners are individuals or small teams who work closely with the managers of business units on key initiatives and change management. 


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