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Formally or informally, all of us are educated. But have you ever thought of the way we are being taught?  Have you ever wondered if the education system is right in its learning methods?

First of all, our education is tied up only to schools and colleges; it is a process of spoon feeding, which unfortunately teaches us nothing but the size of the spoon!In our life, later on, we control the calendar, we put plans and we decide what and what not to do, but children cannot control anything, they are being locked up from morning to noon and even afterschool doing donkey work.

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The system of education stayed the same for hundreds of years; everything in our world has developed, yet, education stayed the same, same boards, same chairs, same texts, same exams, same home works, over and over and over again.

All day  long, students do nothing but follow instructions; Sit down, take out your books, turn to page 50, solve problem number 2, stop talking. At school, you are awarded for doing exactly what you are told; these are industrial age values, where their success depends only on following orders! But, in our advanced and highly developed world, How far can you get when all you do is follow the instructions?  Our world values people, who are always creative, vivid, social, and imaginative and can communicate their ideas, But children don’t even get a chance to develop such skills in a system that is based on the hush and don’t move system!

We measure children based on memorization each month by examining them, but this method is simply not working because most of it is gone the day after the exam.This had created an unhealthy environment for students and their parents as well, some parents get really obsessed with marks that they destroy their children’s mental health! The way we conduct testing, the way marks are standardized to define children, leaves many consequents on students, both physically and mentally, it is very unhealthy for pupils. These written rankings leave no space for creativity, but only competition!

There are so many great and successful people around the world who simply failed the in their school with this current system, but how did they succeed? Well, it is because they did what they are good at; they focused on their skills and flourished.

Our schooling leaves us no time to get educated, with tons of equations and texts to study, some are worth it, and others are just a total waste of time.The problem is that we don’t learn about life, about arts, about what really is necessary for us in this life; all we learn about is scientific, nothing humane.

Each year, there are hundreds of failing students, and some children have really great potentials that remain unrecognized in this system. What we do to them, is turning them into walking dead machines, they wake up early, brush their teeth, go to school, do homework , sleep and the same over and over again.

All they do is read books, speak books and do books! We have a system, where each child should learn the same thing, at the same time with the same way! This does not respect the fact that each child is different, and unique in his own way with a special mind and certain capabilities. Children are not only suffering from teachers themselves, they are also suffering from childhood! There seems to be no room for passion, only we have rooms for math, science, history and languages, with the same process of stuffing information into children.

Albert Einstein once said “Education is that which remains, if one has forgotten everything one learned in school.”

We are able to write and read, but not able to distinguish what is worth reading! The system has no understanding nor gives us any preparation for the world beyond, they want us to raise our hands in order to be able to talk, and they want us to keep asking other people for permission, they teach us everything other than the true skills that prepare us for the adult life! No wonder we wear a square hat during graduation. To let people know that we think inside the box.

We have no measure for how much talent, how much potential goes unrecognized in this current system! We really shouldn’t be valued based on how much we memorize or how good we obey orders, this has turned us into machines and our kids are on their way to be.

Not all people are born the same, some of us are good at sports, art, music, math… others are totally different! Our current system of learning has become outdated and ineffective! We need to fundamentally change the way things are going.

Children are natural learners; really, they tend to learn things much faster than us. Take example bilinguals, they master languages within a short period of only listening to their parents. Children are always curious and full of energy, if you sit them down with the hush and grounding system, you will eventually kill their vividness, teaching should not be a delivery system, but a shared excitement of all kinds of knowledge, not only sciences. Arts are important because they touch capabilities of children that remain compressed and unrecognized!

I am not here to argue against science and math, on the contrary, they are very important, but not sufficient! We need education not only for the mind, but also for the soul. Teaching in our schools is like dieting; you are doing it, but not actually fulfilling any damn thing.

Schools are not focusing on learning, but testing! That is why each year, around the world, there are millions of dropout students who feel stupid and not capable of achieving anything, yet we keep repeating the same system that fails students each year.

Now, don’t get me wrong, tests are important, standardized tests are crucial, but they should not be the dominant culture of education. It should support learning, not obstruct it, which it often does!

The most successful teaching in the world is in Finland. Why? The thing about education in Finland is this: 1- they don’t obsess about disciplines; they have a very broad approach to education which includes humanities, physical education and arts 2- there is no standardized testing in Finland. The country had succeeded in this system and now Finnish students are on the top of well-educated children around the world.

The main issue here is that, we don’t even care how many millions of kids fail each. You go to a place that fails them each year and you keep wondering what to do, but you do nothing! The system hasn’t changed for decades, while everything on earth has developed. Technology has changed; things all do change, yet, not in education! Why is that? Really, why??

By keeping this education system, we don’t grow into creativity, we grow out of it! By not supporting kids and their various talents, we prefer to squander them, pretty ruthlessly!

As a senior architecture student, I  got to learn a lot about what the user needs in a certain space, and of course other than fundamentally changing teaching methods, I think that the design of a space makes a huge difference, for centuries we have had the same disks, same boards, same papers and same direction towards teachers, but this can change dramatically with the redesigning of spaces, there are many examples of how much architecture can play a fundamental role in creating an exciting, yet vivid and healthy environment for children to learn.

Since curiosity is the engine of achievement, spaces should be designed to adapt and flourish their abilities! In the images here, we can see how the design provides different zones for kids to enjoy learning, not to only listen, but they get to talk as well, they learn things by experiencing and engaging as well. Also with the redesign of furniture; they are able to communicate and get to learn from each other, with outside healthy environments that prevent boredom and provide a healthy culture for outside learning. The design of schools and libraries does make a difference! Children get to learn life, not only science.

They can jump and move freely and learn as well, they can communicate and have well developed social skills. We van encourages the children to be more naturally active. And most importantly, Offer them a flexible natural environment for exploring, learning and for enjoyment.

As we can see, these are well designed, maintained and managed spaces that can attract users and expand and enhance young people’s learning experiences. The spaces created address the physical, social, emotional and educational needs of the pupils.

We have to acknowledge that education is not a mechanical system, it is a human system! It is about people, who want to learn and also people who don’t want to learn! We must realize that there are conditions under which people thrive, and conditions under which they simply don’t!  Some people may find school boring or irrelevant, that is why people drop out of school and unless we try to change, we will never help them and we will never have a better education. And finally that Education is far more than just educational establishments; it is the overall development of mind, body and soul.



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