For the past many months, I have been

For the past many months, I have been
seriously thinking about starting with creating something what I call the
RoboBrain. It will be work like a unified control system for the entire robot
and all power, sensing, kinetic, communication functions can be operationalized
through this one single hardware chip system – pretty much like a “motherboard”
for a pc – as shown in the figure below. The idea is to develop “a Mother of
all chips” that helps us overcome all the four problem or challenges I
mentioned above. This is quite in contrast to what is available today – robot
makers have to buy different chips for different sets of functionalities and
there are huge calibration and synchronization issues. I have been successful
in locating chip and ECB makers in China who can contract-manufacture for me in
very small numbers at affordable costs.In the next stage, I would think of making modular robots, that can be
assembled by clients, as shown below. Though I can count at least half a dozen
manufacturers globally for this, they are all very expensive, primarily because
almost all of them have been designed for full-function humanoidal use
including 25 degrees of freedom. My idea is to restrict the degrees of freedom
and reduce the movable parts in my kit, and make them just for very simple use
cases like home cleaning, and I think I can make them in very low costs
leveraging the very strong presence of fabricators and molders in India. My
only investments are going to be in the development of molds, which I will give
to a 3rd party injection molder
companies to make my robot parts and components. 


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