FOR startups and are passionate to launch their


Friday, November 24-26, 2017.

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NUST Business School, NUST
H-12 Campus, Islamabad, Pakistan – Come and be part of Techstars
Startup Weekend to establish your own business within 54 hours, along with the
help of brilliant group of mentors who are seasoned entrepreneurs and industry consultants.

Startup Weekend is
a universal entrepreneurship drive for those who are keen on learning the
fundamentals of founding startups and are passionate to launch their own successful
endeavors. This non-profit organization originated in Seattle, Washington but
at present, the Startup Weekend has been organized in over 200 cities around
the world.


This startup welcomes anyone and everyone to pitch their
startup knowledge and obtain mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs. Majority
vote determine which squads should typically form and then it’s a constant
business turmoil of model implementation, design and coding, presentations and
authentication in the market. Everyone who performs is expected to partake as a
team in order to diminish disruptions for all working teams.

 This event is not
only for all those experienced entrepreneurs, designers, programmers and developers
who want to develop their unique business ideas but people with a non-technical
background as well. Even students are encouraged to apply for this amazing
business venture. The participants are roughly 50% technical (developers,
coders, designers) and 50% business (marketing, finance, law) and are expected
to participate all three days. Essentials to bring along include: a laptop
along with its power cord, business cards, a DSLR/camera (to take loads of
pictures!) plus tons of creative energy!

The ticket will permit one to access to the full
weekend-long event as well as gain mentorship from proficient entrepreneurs and
prominent industry professionals. It is better to purchase the ticket that best
represents one’s skill set.  This is a golden chance for one to interact
and acquire from peers and develop a sense of competition, as well as gain
feedback from the judging panel. In most cases, one cannot purchase a ticket at
the door of the event, so it is better to approach the local coordinators to arrange
expense, in case of difficulties.

Coming towards the foremost facets, participants are
expected to arrive between 5-7 PM and have dinner. After a preliminary
ice-breaking game and a petite intro by the Facilitator, there will typically
be 1 short speaker talk on practical topics ranging from Pitching Best
Practices to Lean Startup Methodology. After that, anyone intending to pitch
will have 60 seconds to give their best pitch. Once pitches are finished, all
attendees will vote on their favorites. The next day, teams will work all day,
with the irregular breaks. Instructors will be on the watch to deliver advice
and assistance in the field of their proficiency for those teams that want it.
On the last day, each team typically answers questions from the judging panel.
The judges will select the top squads and give out prizes. So, what are you
waiting for? Get yourself a ticket right away!


For all the latest information regarding the event, please
feel free to send your queries to [email protected]
and follow NEC on Facebook to get all the juicy details!

You can get your ticket from:



About NEC:

NUST Entrepreneurship Club is a society with a
mission to inculcate a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation within the
NUST student fraternity. For a country like Pakistan, the growth for
entrepreneurship would do wonders for our struggling economy. Understanding the
need, a society aimed to promoting and encouraging innovation and
entrepreneurship has been established in National University of Sciences and
Technology. The main focus of our society is to instill the spirit of entrepreneurship
in the young and talented minds. 


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