Five childhood was not that appealing, he worked

Five Guys burgers and
fries is a company owned by Jerry. The clip describes his story from zero to
hero. Although his childhood was not that appealing, he worked his way to the
top even after going through a divorce. Regardless of the fact that he worked more
in the financial business, he had numerous side businesses that helped sustain
his life. After several years, the idea of a hamburger business was born based
on the nature of the market gap he witnessed around him. One of the main ideas
from the chapter is on the need for persistence and dedication to attain the
success of any business. From mere junk equipments, Jerry built a renowned
brand though commitment and dedication. Further, the idea of sacrifice as seen
when Jerry mortgaged his kid’s future of the burger joint he was forming. That
was the idea of risk taking for any business. Besides, the chapter discusses
the ideas of logistics and supply chain management from sourcing to
distribution of raw materials and products. This can be seen from the understanding
that Jane and Jerry had of the tomatoes and other ingredients needed for the
business production especially in the sourcing. Moreover, the uses of personal
examples have helped the author effect his message across a level in which
people can relate with at all time. The ideas of a family business and how this
can affect performance of an organization is also discussed. Some questions
arise from the chapter. For instance do family businesses often result in
success? Or is the level of commitment and sacrifice that lead to a more
optimal growth of a business.


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