First unable to act quickly compared to France

First off, we must take into consideration the indicators as to measure Singapore’s Healthcare System. Its Indicator Health Attainment (measured by DALE)-30th. This is high which means that people are not expected to live longer as they are more prone to fall sick thus requires more medical attention. Responsiveness level: 20th- 21st, which suggests that they are unable to act quickly compared to France in times of emergencies. Fairness of Financial Contribution – 101st because it is still unaffordable for some even with the schemes and subsidies. Its Overall Health System Performance – 6th and Overall Health System Attainment-27th. Despite all this fact, I would still say that Singapore’s healthcare system is efficient and provides quality and affordable medical services to all.



Singapore currently have a new master plan whereby the current 6 clusters will be re-organised into the new 3 cluster system. The 3 areas which are the central region, eastern region and the western region will have facilities that includes general hospitals and polyclinics which will be grouped based on their locations so that each cluster oversees a specific area of the island.

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This change will provide easier access for the aging population, since there is a rise silver tsunami, there is also an increase in chronic diseases and government spending on healthcare. Therefore, with the new system it enables the public healthcare institutions to deploy their resources and capabilities more efficiently, thus improving the aging population healthcare. This also prevent re-admissions and it makes it easier to strategize and implement decisions across various institutions for more efficient and better health care. We can also measure Singapore’s healthcare performance by these indicators; Key performance indictor (KPI), Joint commission international (JCI), Balance score card (BSC) and the WHO ranking of world’s health system.



Besides that, innovation in Singapore are becoming more advance which helps the efficiency of the medical and healthcare. Technologies such as the national electronic health record (NEHR) store patients’ medical health record while keeping them confidential as only authorised health care professional have access to the information. The smart elderly monitoring and alert system is also another innovation that will help with the aging population. It alerts healthcare givers whenever there is an abnormal behaviour of the elderly patient and it also has a panic button to be used during emergencies.



All in all, I would say that Singapore healthcare system is one of the best as there are tackling their challenges (Manpower crunch, bed crunch, aging population) well as Singapore is meeting up with the WHO key components of a well-functioning health system. The healthcare system has improved so much over the years and is still improving to provide better healthcare to everyone; giving them the quality of life, hence making them on of the most successful systems in the world. In terms of delivery of excellent healthcare services and covering the efficiency and effectiveness aspect. To sum up, all this was achieved through joint responsibilities among individuals, employers and the government. It is incontrovertible that the government has made great efforts to improve the health care system of Singapore through many different means. I must say that the healthcare system is not perfected yet but will be in the future years to come.


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