First, the term of someone like Senator Barbara


First, setting term limits takes away choices
of the voters. If they want to keep re-electing someone, we believe they should
have the right to make that decision, for example, in recent history poles show
that voters are usually happy to return the representatives that they chose. In
the 2012 congressional elections, 91% of Senate and 90% of House incumbents
were re-elected. That is in spite of the fact that in the final poll before the
last election, Congress had a 21% approval rating nationally. Of course that
makes sense, to get elected in any state, a representative or senator has to
reflect that state’s culture and share its voters’ beliefs on issues that are important
to them. That’s why Alabamans keep voting for Senator Richard Shelby. But they
would probably like to limit the term of someone like Senator Barbara Mikulski who
has a Radical support of Feminism and this topic is not of the Alabaman’s culture.
In other words, many people who say they are for term limits don’t follow through
on that belief when they got to vote.

a politician is elected into office they tend to do what they want at the end
of their last term. Seeing they possibly come back they constantly do their
best, then they will continue to be a “proper” representative. Having no true
term limits would also allow great politicians to stay in office. Another good
thing about having no term limits is that they wouldn’t need to learn their
job, because they have done it before, just like the phrase “It
takes 6 months to learn a job and another 6 months to become good at it.” Being
a Senator or Representative has a learning curve, just like every other job.

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To set a limit on terms is unconstitutional. That’s not
how our democracy is supposed to work. Let’s let voters choose any candidates
they want, if they completely appreciate their representative, than there
should be no limit on how long they can serve. So in conclusion to eliminate
corruption, we could consider putting a pause on the representative’s term, for
example they shall receive two terms (if the people allow it), but after those
two consecutive terms they shall leave for a term, and we will start from
scratch. But after the new person has served their turn the previous
representative can return, for once only two at a time. This process can reduce
corruption of the government in our reps, and it can also bring new ideas to
the table if the people would like to try those ideas.



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