Finance operates faultlessly and no errors are made

Finance Department –
This sect manages, organises and accounts the money incoming and outgoing in
the business.  This is usually dealt with
in the form of payrolls, invoices and bills. In addition, the department
handles the profit and loss statements, balance sheets and measures the
business performance and reports on the status and well-being of all the
departments of the business.

IT and Administration –
This departments ensures that the business operates faultlessly and no errors
are made in the technical side. They manage the software support, server
management, health and safety, clerical duties, cleaning, researching and
dispatching of mail. They also fix and resolve technical issues/difficulties
and design systems for the business to use. Furthermore, the sect works with
other departments to cultivate new ways of progressing the business.

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Human Resources – HR
is responsible for looking after employees through training, record-keeping,
discipline and making sure they are working in a safe environment. Also, they
handle employee payrolls and benefits. In addition to this they do recruiting,
screening, interviewing and placing workers to ensure that the company has the
right employees for the job role.

Sales and Customer Service – Sales are responsible for customer care prior and after
customers purchase a product. They also manage the ASDA market as they price
the goods and products of the store. The profit made by the commerce of
products are also recorded by the sales department and closely work with the
Marketing Department. The Customer Service unit overlooks any claims and
complaints made by customers and assists them if they need to know any
information or have any queries or store queries. They also deal with the
return of products.

Research and Marketing
– Marketing oversees Price, Product, Place and Promotion. They deal with making
sure the product is in the right market and carry out research about the
products and information about its consumers. They also get the products to
sell by promoting it with special advertising offers.

Production – Refers
to the manufacturing of ASDA’s products. Responsible for making the goods and
making sure that the products are not faulty or harmful by strictly adhering to
safety regulations.

Operation –
Operations deals with ensuring the efficiency and organisations of goods and
services by making use of any machinery, raw materials and staff etc.

PR Department – They
work closely with press to ensure that ASDA is portrayed and broadcasted in a
positive light to prevent public scandals by informing them about ASDA reports.
However, this is difficult during times of crises like the meat crisis.



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