File be afraid. We can find a light,

File 00/Preface: Battle Lieutenants of Otherworldly Destruction. Also known as B.L.O.O.D.s, these mechanical humanoids were sent to conquer Lesser Kyranna by High Kyranna. With full 360? rotatable limbs, varying weapons, and speed, Lesser Kyrannians gave up. Now, it is the year 2100, five years after the war started. Rebellions are sparking due to anger in Lesser Kyranna. It once seemed like there was no hope, but instead a hope was meant to arise. I am Miyushi Dakenza, and I will fight for all of Lesser Kyranna.File 01/Welcome to Ravenwood Institution: “Have a great day at school!” A female voice says. “Thanks mother.” Miyushi responds, walking out of his house. As the winds blow from the east, Miyushi’s navy hair gets ruffled. “There’s a bright sun out today.” He comments, looking at the shining ball of illumination in the sky. “I wonder if the sun ever thinks humans are dim minded because we cease to make light.” He thinks. “Nah. We’re smarter than the sun. We can make electricity for crying out loud.” Miyushi chirps, glowering over how smart that sounded. The bus to the new high school pulls up, and he gets on. He puts on a pair of headphones and turns his music on. “Go on your way- do not be afraid. We can find a light, c’mon join the fight. Advance to the field, make sure you don’t yield. To those big old B.L.O.O.D.s, they’re only enemy floods.” The song says, and Miyushi mouths the lyrics. Suddenly, the bus pauses again, and two more people get on. “Hurry up, Jupiter.” A harsh voice demands. “I’m trying as hard as I can, Mars.” The younger child, apparently Jupiter, whispers. Mars pushes Jupiter as he limps down the middle aisle. “Can I sit here?” Jupiter asks, gesturing to the space beside Miyushi. “Of course you can! I’m Miyushi.” Miyushi states, then moving over to allow Jupiter some more space. Jupiter sits, and smiles at Miyushi. “Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce myself as well. I am Jupiter, and that loud voice you heard was my brother, Mars.” Jupiter says, looking down awkwardly. “Neat! How’s it feel to have a brother? I don’t have any siblings, or a dad as of right now.” Miyushi asks. “Oh, it would feel nicer if Mars wouldn’t forget dinner four days a week. I can relate to the dad thing. Did he die in the war, too?” Jupiter says. “Um, no. Well, I don’t think so. I’m guessing your dad died though, I’m sorry.” Miyushi says, rubbing Jupiter’s shoulder. “It’s ok. He died only three years ago. Thanks to one of those war machines.” Jupiter states. He looks up, and draws a B.L.O.O.D. on the fogged window. “Wow, you’re a great artist.” Miyushi comments. He silently scowls at what Jupiter drew. “Thanks.” Jupiter says. The bus comes to an immediate stop all a sudden, and Ravenwood Institute is right beside it. “All of you get off.” The elderly driver demands. “Let’s go! I’ve gotta show you my two best friends!” Miyushi cries, grabbing Jupiter’s left hand. “Yeah. Let’s go.” Jupiter says, getting off with Miyushi. They head towards two people that are waving crazily. “Miyushi!” The red haired one yowls. “Oh! Yay! A new friend!” The other person, with brown hair, chirps. “I’m Renn, remember me by my eyes!” The brown haired person says, opening her rose coloured eyes. “And I’m Yunai, Yunai Naiizawa. Pleased to meet you.” The red haired human says. “Greetings, I guess. I’m Jupiter CeNarua.” Jupiter says. “Aka our new best friend!” Miyushi shouts, laughing. “Wait, he’s a CeNarua!? Renn asks urgently. “Yep.” Jupiter mutters. “I’d hope you have a better attitude than he does.” Renn whispers. Yunai shoves Renn gently to the side. “Ease up, Renn! He’s amazing! Also, he’s named after a planet! That’s so cool!” Yunai states. He scrubs Jupiter’s white hair, and Jupiter laughs. “Oh no. Guys, it’s like, 6:49. We’d better rush to class…” Miyushi points out. “Follow me! I’ll get you all there, newbies! Not you though, Renn!” A voice calls. “Follow him!” Miyushi commands, and the four follow the random male. After around six minutes of walking, they reach classroom #37. “Here’s where you three need to be. Renn, let’s go.” The mystery, and hot, guy says. “Alright. Thanks for your help.” Yunai says. “Yeah, no problem. I’m Ethrae Eanzo, by the way.” Ethrae states. “Nice. I’m Yunai. That’s Jupiter, and that’s Miyushi.” Yunai states, pointing to Jupiter and Miyushi when he says their names. “Great. See you around, guys.” Ethrae says, grabbing Renn’s hand, and walking to another classroom. The three teens walk into the class, and most seats are full. “Why hello, I presumed you’d arrive a bit later, children. I’m your first ever high school teacher, Rualnn Salgara. You can call me Ms. Salgara.” Ms. Salgara says. “Alright, Ms. Salgara.” Miyushi says. Jupiter waves at his new teacher, and Yunai smirks. He’s planning some trouble, or at least his face is. The bell rings, and everyone had sat just in time. Then, the intercoms come on through all of the classrooms. “May everyone stand and state the High Kyrannian pledge?” The principal commands. Everyone stands. Most people put their left hands up, excepting Miyushi and Yunai. “We all promise our alliance to High Kyranna and swear to never fail that promise. High Kyranna, High Kyranna!” All the students, with some exceptions, say. “You may sit.” The principal says. Everyone sits. “Alright. Today, as you all know, the High Kyrannian council will be testing loyalties today. They do this every first school day. May we not have any traitours in our midst.” The principal states. The intercom turns off. “Alright, today we’ll learn about what the rainbow represents to Kyranna.” Ms. Salgara states. “As you all know, rainbows have seven colors, each one representing a part of Kyranna.” She continues. Miyushi urges to grab Jupiter and Yunai’s hand, and run away from Kyranna. He just wants to go somewhere where he’ll be more accepted. “Red represents the royal blood High Kyrannians share. Orange represents the flames of rage that Lesser Kyrannians have. Yellow represents the sun that shines onto all of Kyranna, wishing for peace.” Ms. Salgara begins. “Excuse me, Ms. Salgara. Shouldn’t red represent the blood of the slaughtered Lesser Kyrannians? I think High Kyrannians aren’t to be thought royally of.” Miyushi bursts out. Ms. Salgara touches her watch once, and then looks angry. “Miyushi Dakenza. The first disloyal worm at Ravenwood.” She announces. Yunai’s eyes water, and he looks like he’s dying. He runs up to Miyushi as scattered gasps fill the silence. Jupiter cannot believe the loyalty that Yunai has to Miyushi. Their bond must be strong. Yunai grabs Miyushi’s shirt collar, and pulls his face closer to his own. “You can’t leave! You aren’t a traitor! C’mon Miyushi! Please!” He cries. Miyushi’s hazel eyes darken to a lightless brown. “Yunai. If I do this, that means I stand up for what I believe in. I do not believe in High Kyranna.” Miyushi states proudly. Yunai buries his tear streamed face into Miyushi’s crimson sweater. “It isn’t fair… It isn’t fair…” He moans. Jupiter stands up suddenly. “I don’t think High Kyranna is right, either. I shall follow Miyushi’s lead.” He decides aloud. Miyushi smiles weakly. Yunai looks torn. A set of triplets stand beside Jupiter. “We’ve all watched Miyushi. We think this is right, too. Miyushi is rather smart.” They all say. Ms. Salgara taps her watch five more times. “Yunai Naiizawa, Jupiter CeNarua, Atlas Arcanon, Karuma Arcanon, and Villia Arcanon. Five more disloyal worms.” She shouts. Instantly, the door to her class is knocked open, and seventeen task force police enter. “Anyone who has had their name said, put both hands up or we’ll shoot.” The lead police demands. The six students who’ve been named stand proudly, hands in the air. Miyushi spats at the lead man. “Disgusting Kyrannian slug.” A man, apparently named ‘Zunan Xiaxio’ if his tag is right, comments. The six students are chained together. “Continue your teaching, miss. We’ll get them out for you.” The lead commands. Ms. Salgara nods, and begins listing what green, cyan, royal blue, and purple stand for. The students are dragged out.


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