Expo Expo Live Expo Live is the on-going

Expo Dubai 2020 and the Expo Live Programme:


Expo Dubai 2020 (the “Event”) will be the first World Expo held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA). With its central theme of Connecting Minds, Creating the Future and the subthemes of Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability, it is committed to convening the global community and inspiring people to collaborate towards creating a better future. Recognizing that today’s challenges are too complex and interconnected to be solved in isolation, Expo Dubai 2020 is determined to connect creative minds and forge new partnerships.

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Expo Dubai 2020 will be held between 20 October 2020 and 10 April 2021. The venue is a 200-hectare site where approximately 250 participants will represent nations, international organisations, companies, NGOs and universities. With 25 million expected visits, 70% of which will be international, Expo Dubai 2020 provides a one-of-a-kind global stage for showcasing and sharing novel solutions and demonstrating projects that – irrespective of their size and geography – can improve, if not transform, the lives of people around the world.

Overview of Expo Live


Expo Live is the on-going innovation partnership programme of Expo Dubai 2020 LLC. It is designed to harness the convening power of a World Expo by engaging a broad array of participants to develop and accelerate solutions across Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability.

Expo Live has four objectives:

                        Innovation – spurring and accelerating innovation while also sharing results and generating the inspirational content that will enrich learning during Expo Dubai 2020.


                        Impact – finding and supporting the innovative solutions that will have a transformative impact at a grassroots level, meaning that we find better solutions with greater social impact, earlier.


                        Partnership – encouraging innovators and other solution-seekers to work together in new ways across the traditional boundaries of disciplines, sectors, regions, cultures and institutions.


                        Engagement – ensuring that the journey between now and 2020 involves hands-on collaboration and a true ‘connecting of minds’ around Expo’s subthemes.


To achieve these objectives, Expo Live will rely on a combination of financial incentives, network-building initiatives and knowledge-sharing events.




The Expo Live Grant Programme, an initiative of Expo Dubai 2020 LLC, will fund novel and innovative solutions that encapsulate the spirit of the theme Connecting Minds, Creating the Future. The focus areas for funding are the subtheme areas of Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability. Successful applicants will demonstrate how new innovations, or the innovative application of existing solutions, could lead to impressive impacts at community level. Potential for replication, scaling-up or scaling-out1 of solutions and its impacts are important.

Expo Live will introduce two categories of grants: Innovation Impact Grants and Exposure Grants2. The focus here is on Innovation Impact Grants.

Innovation Impact Grants


Funding levels will depend on the stage of maturity of the project, its intended duration, and the extent of its impacts in the subtheme areas as well as at community level. Trenched funding against milestones will be introduced for larger projects, multi-year initiatives and start-up ventures.

To qualify for Innovation Impact Grants, projects and solutions can be at different stages of development and maturity. Expo Live will fund projects that are beyond the ideation and prototyping stages. The intent is to build a portfolio of projects that range from demonstration to transition-to-scale.

Focus Areas for Funding


The theme of Connecting Minds, Creating the Future recognizes that the creation of sustainable solutions to global problems demands readiness to reach out across geographies, institutional boundaries, industry clusters, cultures and disciplines. Often we have to move outside our traditional silos to make progress; with solutions emerging from where they are least expected.

The subthemes of Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability (O-M-S) reflect the timeless drivers of progress that continue to inspire people, organisations and nations in their endeavours to create a better future.

The focus areas for innovative solutions under each subtheme are deliberately kept broad to ensure maximum inclusion and to allow creative ideas from across the world to emerge. The following tables are indicative and not comprehensive.


Creating the forthcoming:

In 2020, The United Arab Emirates with initiate their first world expo, this Expo connects the people, resources and knowledge to reframe the future. The expo revels the power of partnership in the new world we live in. A world which is shaped and reshaped by every stretching connection, an interdepending world where the challenges that humankind faces have develop far too multifaceted to be resolved in segregation. The maps of this creation are no lengthier limited to the regional and governmental boarders. They are definite by the strength and the reach of influences as people, goods and ideas move faster and further in the physical and digital space. In this world, where we are linked like never before, there is limitless possible to tap into the ground-breaking and creative influence from everywhere, crossing topographies, established boundaries, industry clusters, culture and disciplines.

The principals message of this expo is positive and inspiring, highlighting how much humanity can accomplish when people work together to solve common challenges.

The three subthemes of opportunity, mobility and sustainability reproduce three pillars of the future. They seizure the hope and thoughts of people, organizations and countries and give us shared goals around to which they connect to drive and inclusive and maintainable future.


The 3 pillars:


Opportunities: At the expo there are possibilities for people to commute and become successful contribution to the future.


Mobility: The expo helps to create smarter and more productive in a physical and virtual connections.


Sustainability: to preserve the resources and make a living in balance with the world we inhabit.


From these three pillars, Dubai Expo 2020 will also discover three perspectives from the pillars.


Innovation: What are the ground-breaking ideas. Solutions and practices that are generates by the connections.

Inclusion: How are we connected to extend and scale the benefits of invention to the greatest number of people and groups 

Understanding: How can we effect our influences to build a better sympathetic and understanding between people but also with our planets.


Unlocking Opportunity

Opportunity is the germ that allows people and societies to understand their potential in a fast altering world. Opportunity is at the core of human expansion and development, it alters the dream and ambitions of the people into realities of tomorrow. Opportunities can take as many forms as there are variety of people and backgrounds. However irrespective of these differences, opportunities exist where we promote environments and resources that nurture human talent through education, employment, good governance, access to financial resources, entrepreneurship and the development of the new industries.

Fundamental to the subtheme of opportunities is there growth of human population. We live in a time of extraordinary demographic transformation. In about 50 years, population has grown from 3 billion in 1960 to over 7 billion people today. Our world is not only getting more connected but it’s getting bigger. While meeting the basic needs of the food shelter and health is the basis of chances for more people, education is a powerful accelerator. It allows the individuals to make a expressive contribution to the society. Opportunities and their enablers gradually come together in our cities, which are accountable for 80 percent of the worlds capital today and there are true engines of prospects.

With more than half of the humankind already living in the cities and 70% of the world population predictable to live in urban areas by 2030, the cities of tomorrow will be bases of extraordinary potential. City centers will combine information, experience and original talent to enable new systems of affluence and safety for people. A Bigger more linked biosphere can be a world of chance if we can work together to fortify nets that can generate new ideas, inventions and breakthroughs.  



a brand new era of technological revolution is unfolding. All round us new technologies are coming collectively to clear up complicated troubles in creative, previously unattainable approaches. Futurists predict that, with our fee of development doubling every decade, we can expect greater advances in technological know-how and generation among now and 2020 than inside the whole 20th century. From 2020 to 2100, developments ought to in truth outpace the closing 20,000 years of human development. The interaction of factors from the brand new

technology of technologies will provide upward thrust to new industries and new resources of opportunity. by combining insights from theoretical physics, communications and statistics technology, nanotechnology, biotechnology and neuroscience, researchers and engineers will pass past strict disciplinary boundaries and open new regions of software.



monetary loose zones, innovative districts, incubators for entrepreneurs in addition to towns

themselves offer examples of environments of various scale wherein exact governance

is at work to release possibilities. Governance and institutional practices will be at the middle of inclusive possibilities for a growing populace in a fast converting technological world. education systems will now not only alternate with new technology – reworking how we learn, what we examine, where we analyze, but they’ll be instrumental to make sure access to a whole new global of employment. With technology and robotics changing humans in installed professions, schooling structures will need to make sure that kids is prepared to get entry to the roles of the future, and that people can be part of the new economy through existence-lengthy gaining knowledge.



As we pursue the wealthy possibilities provided by generation, we must additionally undergo in thoughts that it simply presents tools. It remains our duty to apprehend the cultural and moral

implications of their adoption, to equip ourselves, and future generations, with the regulations, skills and expertise to embody alternate in a sustainable manner. alongside the information of possibility inside the context of society, we can also appearance forward to new discoveries inside the science of the brain to extend our knowledge about the innovative processes that take area in our mind and clearly have a good time the wonders of our shared humanity.

Areas of focus:

Education: Inspirational, preparation, capacity building, and mentoring people and groups to reach their abilities.


Employment: Creating new occupations and allowing people to adjust to new supplies in the workplace and altering financial surroundings.


New industries: Expanding frugalities and emerging state-of-the-art industries and sectors.


Financial capital: Making new economic models, providing access to finance and attaining greater financial, inclusion and efficiency.


Governance: Creating environments and ecosystems that are conductive to and promote invention and chances.


Transforming Mobility

From the historical to our latest achievements of space exploration, human progress has been represented by advances in transport and other forms of mobility.

Pioneers from every age and places have reached past the confines of the

recognized global searching for possibility. these advances have played effective roles in driving in addition financial, technological, social and scientific progress. today, mobility has two foremost dimensions: bodily and virtual. Physical movement of human beings and items is as antique as the history of human social development itself. It bureaucracy an invisible layer that modifications, shifts and expands as new relationships, routes and structures facilitate the motion of humans, goods but additionally thoughts. From the layout of future cities to the improvement of country wide and regional infrastructure for journey and trade, new guidelines, studies and innovation efforts are reworking how we circulate.

virtual connectivity is mapping out new approaches wherein mobility shapes our societies, economies and environment. it’s miles a realm where intangibles emerge as tangible, and bodily items are de-materialized. Virtual communications get rid of obstacles between material and immaterial, creating new methods to get admission to people, services and new reviews.

Mobility is about greater than motion. it is approximately creating the bridge to possibility as we scale the blessings of progress to greater humans, faster.


transport is answerable for about ninety consistent with cent of world alternate, while airfreight has grown 14-fold inside the past forty years, compared to a threefold boom of the arena financial system.


Innovation: More secure, smarter and purifier modes of delivery will take us in addition and faster with lowering environmental influences. Technology are already converging to offer much less strength-hungry cars, trains and planes, ships and different vessels as creation substances become sturdier and lighter and opportunity energy resources supplant the internal combustion engine.

Advances in robotics and human-gadget interfaces will enable those constrained via disabilities to stroll and run, whilst smart interactive technologies will augment sensory perceptions, permitting individuals to discover familiar or new places without leaving their houses. Our logistics systems have end up smarter and greater resilient. actual-time data from satellites and sensors allows for route optimization and powerful responses to unexpected disruptions.

Inclusion: Mobility has the power to reach human beings and connect them to the administrative center, to different organizations, to schools, to hospitals and to important items inclusive of meals and medicinal drug. improvements in mobility can connect communities to groups, facilitating the sharing of thoughts and information. As low-cost solutions linked to cellular communications, Nano-satellites or drones become an increasing number of available, many communities round the arena will be in a position to overcome physical boundaries and leapfrog in the direction of new possibilities. As we grow to be more and more reliant on personal mobility, we want to design secure and environmentally pleasant solutions for as many human beings as possible. comfortable and age-appropriate solutions and transportation structures will respond to the needs of different varieties of people and demographics: from the young who require reliable transportation linked to their training and improvement, to the elderly-wishing to hold their independence. further, trends in communique and data technologies, car power engineering, and composite substances will in addition free up ability possibilities.

Understanding: Mobility has diverse, distinct and profound cultural meanings from the various perspectives of various people and societies. For nomadic cultures, it is a way of life, for thousands and thousands of migrants fleeing worry, it displays the desire for a better destiny; for buyers travelling routes of trade, mobility is a way to prosperity and expertise; and for many others looking for new studies, it expands their non-public and cultural horizons. building the connections which are enabled with the aid of journey and virtual communication helps us do away with our human divides and celebrate people’s identification, lifestyle and innovative contributions to the future.

Areas of focus:

Transportation: Exploring the means, models and infrastructure of moments.


Travel and exploration: Reaching new frontiers through exploration, knowledge and the quest for opportunity. 


Personal mobility: Empowering people’s moment, overcoming disability and urban access.


Logistics: Developing smarter, more efficient and sustainable system from moving physical goods as well as critical resources


Digital connectivity: Blurring boundaries between the physical and the virtual worlds to create new ways to access information, services and experiences.



Implementation of sustainability

Each era is answerable for safeguarding the world for generations to come back. Sustainability calls for a dedication to apprehend and nurture the bonds that join humans, society and habitats and to locate new paths to prosperity that can lead to a possible destiny. Sustainability touches the environmental, financial and social dimensions of the places we inhabit and explores how we hook up with them in a manner that protects and enhances our most precious planetary resources. get admission to and control of herbal resources and ecosystems has been pivotal to our livelihoods and tightly connected to employment and monetary increase. Our sources fuel our livelihoods and without them we couldn’t have the innovations in industry, fitness, transportation and communications that maintain to enhance the lives of thousands and thousands. but, our fantastic success as a species is now tipping the balance between what humanity calls for to shape its destiny, and what the earth can naturally supply and absorb. Humanity now not impacts simplest local environments in restricted methods. Our impact on this planet’s dynamic systems can rival the powers of nature.

Humanity has turn out to be the fundamental motive force of alternate on the planetary level, and a biophysical force to reckon with, to the factor that the term Anthropocene (“the era of humans”) is now defining the geological time we live in. whether or not built or herbal, we should make certain that tomorrow’s habitats continue to thrive with existence and opportunity: natural ecosystems with their complicated interactions between soil, water, plants and fauna; and our towns – huge and small – as centres that generate the opportunities underpinning human improvement.




Recognizing that today, a good deal of the effect of human pastime arises from the way

we conceive, manufacture, distribute, consume, and get rid of goods, we can see most important

improvements in designs, fabrications and approaches. at the center of innovation for sustainability there could be our towns and built habitats, in which collaboration throughout special domain names of innovation along with technology, architecture, culture and biology, can create digitally clever, culturally wealthy and ecologically healthful towns flooded with easy energy, healthy and sustainable meals, and harmonious interactions among herbal and built spaces. Running in the parameters of what our planet can obviously deliver, we can manage the important nexus of energy.



The survival of our communities depends on sustainable get entry to to water, strength and food.

moving towards 2050, populace increase, rising intake and environmental changes

will impact an increasing number of on our economies, societies and environments. With more humans contributing to the worldwide economic system, we can require sustainable methods concerning policy, generation and business fashions leveraging the energy of renewable assets and the ideas of round economy. alongside technological innovation, we want monetary and social answers to increase get right of entry to to critical resources to more humans and communities around the sector. The Sustainable improvement dreams, which replicate a worldwide sustainability consensus, might be a powerful engine to mobilize and inspire new partnerships and procedures to inclusive and sustainable increase.




along technological innovation, we want economic and social answers to growth get right of entry to crucial sources to extra people and communities round the sector. The Sustainable improvement desires, which reflect an international sustainability consensus, might be a effective engine to mobilize and encourage new partnerships and procedures to inclusive and sustainable boom. developing resilient economic systems calls for us to assess the hidden social and environmental costs of the immoderate use and allocations of scarce assets, as well as over intake and waste. most effective while we can calculate the prices realistically, can we expand sustainable business models and advertising and marketing practices. at the identical time, while era will give us new tools to layout a sustainable future, learning from conventional practices is similarly crucial. As repositories of understanding, conventional cultures can help us achieve sustainability by way of designing for functionality and durability without compromising

aesthetics, or growing immoderate impact at the surroundings.


Areas of focus:

Natural Ecosystem, and Biodiversity: understanding, enhancing and protecting the earth’s diverse ecosystem.

Resources: Managing existing resources efficiently and effectively, while discovering new ones.

Sustainable cities and builds habitats: Designing sustainable urban environments that support healthy communities.

Climate changes: mitigating and managing the effects of climate changes through innovations policies and best practices.

Green Economy: Developing new principals and metrics for sustainable economies.






Expo 2020 Dubai ambitions to bring the topic to life across its complete 250-hectare website online, that’s designed to create outstanding and remarkable stories a good way to pride, train, initiate, and encourage traffic of all ages. The occasion will show off a number of the maximum interesting topics and developments around the world and within the UAE, addressing key demanding situations and exploring amazing achievements.


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