Exploring that Job Zone 3 and Job Zone

Exploring through O*NET Interest Profiler , I found that Job Zone 3 and Job Zone 4 document skills, knowledge, or experience needed for my future career. Being that I have my Associate of Arts and am a transfer student, I chose to major in Psychology and Minor in Coaching. I plan on getting my career as soon as I have finished my schooling, and once established saving enough money to transition into my own apartment, I plan on continuing education for my Masters Degree.  I have 45 credits left needed to graduate with my Bachelors of Science in Psychology and I plan to become a High School Counselor and a coach for a public school’s sports team. My highest assessment results for personality types indicate that I fall under the social category scoring a 21 and in all other categories I scored a 0. I happened to find that people scoring high in the social category like working with others to help them learn and grow versus handling machinery and objects. The most interesting career choices that I show interest to in Job Zone 4 include (1) Sports Psychologist (2) Educational, Guidance, and School counselors (3) Athletic Trainer (4) Child, Family, and School Social workers. (5) & Mental Health counselors . I picked these professions because they all pertain to life experiences I have been through in my past. Being a college athlete, and going through many emotional/physical difficulties trying to balance school, work, and athletics, its important to keep your spiritual, physical, and mental health in check and it would be very rewarding helping athletes across the world achieve their highest potential as a Sports Psychologist or Athletic Trainer. Struggling throughout high school myself, and facing many challenges in academics, and trying to work under pressure, the youth have a very hard time balancing home life and school, so becoming a educational/guidance counselor would give me the opportunity to uplift the youth and giving them encouragement to succeed in anything they do. Living in California for two years, I got a chance to help a homeless family by fundraising enough money for them to get jobs and to provide for their children so I gained many skills that I could use in the world of social work. Suffering from depression before and being placed on many different kinds of antidepressants, it has taught me the dangers of certain medications and how it can affect the human brain and it shows that many people react differently to certain medications and mental health counseling would be very beneficial for me to help save lives and give comfort to those in need. These are some of the past life experiences that have lead me to earning my Degree in Psychology.The most rewarding careers I found in Job Zone 3 include (1) Registered Nurses (2) Psychiatric Technicians (3) Teachers Assistants (4) Fitness Trainers (5) & Preschool Teachers. I have had the idea before to become a Registered Nurse in a Mental Health Institution because I worked in a memory care unit with patients that had Alzheimers and I found it to be very rewarding giving them the best care possible, while learning techniques on how to battle their disease so I would enjoy this the most.  Becoming a Psychiatric Technician also shows interest to me because I would like to observe a patient’s behavior, record their conditions, and use other skills/techniques experienced nurses may use on their patients to help them cope throughout their battle of mental illness. A teacher’s assistant would be somewhat interesting to me because I enjoy working with the youth, but for me I only receive so much joy helping them with school work. A fitness trainer would be okay, but I enjoy getting more help with fitness training then actually teaching fitness techniques. Preschool teaching would be my least favorite because I am limited with patience in the sense, I feel when I work with older kids I have to tell them what to do “less” and they may take my advice earlier. With preschoolers you have to work very hard and a lot of the work is repetitive. I feel the main purpose of this assignment was to get us to brainstorm about future career possibilities. It’s important to pick a main focus which pertains to our interest and stick with it so we aren’t lost once we get into the real world. It will help us so we can plan accordingly, and so we can set goals that will be achievable to us. It was very enjoyable to take this assessment to gain knowledge in my strengths and weaknesses, and to brainstorm about more future possible careers.


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