Every to article3 in the Universal Declaration of

Every country has its own constitution which makes several laws and rights
for the  people of that country in order
to maintain the  discipline and peace in
the community among people. Human rights are created so as to protect every
person irrespective of their caste, race, religion or any other differences.
However, there is a strong argument among the legal advisors whether all rights
are created equal before the law or some rights 
have more importance. The following paragraphs will discuss above
mentioned statements.

 Basic  definition of human rights is  that they are rights and liberty which is
provided to every individual  because all
human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights as per article 1 in
the Universal Declaration of Human Rights . There are some rights which have
higher priority over others because of their nature and necessity in life. For
example, according to article3 in the Universal Declaration of Human
Rights” Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person”  since it is a fundamental right to any
society, any person regardless of their sex, culture, language or economical
status . The conservation of this right is one of the most significant
functions of the province. Right to life is the most fundamental of all human
rights. The reason for giving superiority to 
this right among others is very clear. The other rights cannot exist
without the right of life. Infact, the right to life is the  key due to which other rights are in
motion.  If there is a life , then only
other rights can work for a person. Thus , this right is a centre of point
along which other laws and rights revolve.

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However, there are   other rights
which are also indispensable and should be considered equally important such
as   are 
freedom from torture and other cruel and inhuman treatment  , rights to a fair trial  , free speech and freedom of religion , right
to freedom of movement and residence , right to marriage  and  to
found a family,  rights to health,
education and an adequate standard of living. These human rights , that are
considered to  be very basic rights for
the survival of the humans , are the same at every place for every individual
whether that is  male or  female, young or old, rich or poor,  therefore it is not important  where they live, what they think or what they
believe in.

conclude,  I believe that all rights
are  equally  important 
. One should not make any 
distinction  or try to
distinguish  them by  classifying them to “more” or
“less” fundamental. Every person should follow and respect the laws
made by the 


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